Q:  How can I make an appointment to see John Edward in person?  Does he still do private readings…..and if so, how much does he charge?

A:  While not nearly as high profile as he once was in the media……we still get more questions about John Edward – his TV show – his books – and information about getting a private audience with him, than  just about ANY other psychic, medium, spiritual mentor or “guru” in the world.  (and we manage more than 10 different psychic and spiritual websites in total, so that’s a lot of readers!)

Barring Theresa Caputo (the Long Island Medium) we probably field more questions both pro and con – from true blue believers to die hard skeptics (no pun intended..:-) on JE than anyone else.

Of course we can’t answer much of it – and other than our personal opinion and experience (I’ve been to numerous small and group readings that John Edward has hosted) the best we can do is refer you to his website to make an appointment or learn more about his upcoming events.

We’ve added John Edward to our psychic directory as of today as well – so feel free to browse his listing and to check out his site and social media profiles for his upcoming live event schedule as well, something I highly recommend…..especially if you are on a budget.  (the live events aren’t cheap,  but they are much more affordable and accessible than waiting to see him in private)

And as always – if you’ve had a reading or have  had a private appointment with John Edward – we’d love if you would share a review of the experience – good, bad, amazing or otherwise!

Enjoy – his full listing is below.


John’s personal story of inherited psychic abilities and unique experience on the path to becoming a professional medium (a meeting with renowned psychic Lydia Clar was the impetus for Edward’s trajectory to personal and ultimately professional transformation) is a fascinating one to say the least.John Edward is well known on the Prime Time media circuit…..having been a guest on shows as diverse as Larry King and Anderson Cooper to Dr. Oz and the View, and just about everything in between.His best selling books include “What if God Were the Sun”, “Afterlife: Answers from the Other Side”, “Fallen Masters” (a novel) and many others)Of course what most people are interested to know about John Edward is how to get a reading….and what to expect.The good news?Contrary to what I’ve seen published elsewhere, John Edward DOES still do private readings.He DOES also have a long waiting list, IS very expensive and DOES have a very selective process for picking private clients.

John Edward Psychic Medium

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