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Now Reading: Am I Psychic? 4 Common Psychic Abilities That MOST People Have (Even if You Don’t BELIEVE That You Do)


Am I Psychic? 4 Common Psychic Abilities That MOST People Have (Even if You Don’t BELIEVE That You Do)

svgAugust 13, 2013FeaturedPsychic Blogangela

Are you psychic?  Do you feel like you’ve got a unique intuitive gift?  Do you have powerful feelings of precognition, or have an inspired spiritual imagination or sometimes feel like you can feel (and see) emotions and energy around people,  places and things you barely know?

The truth is, actually decoding what IS (and what is NOT) psychic is a pretty hard task by itself.  Believe it or not, and depending on who you ask, EVEN in the spiritual “field” itself, you’ll get widely different answers from various professional people on whether EVERYONE has some type of psychic ability, or whether you’ve got to be born with the gift to have something worth talking about.

I’m going to go on the record and say that EVERYONE has at least some psychic skill.  In some respects, I liken intuition, and the ability to pick up information in the atmosphere to changing the channel. 

Rather than looking at psychic skills as something that is part of the body, or the “biology” of the medium, clairvoyant or empath who has the gift, instead…..I believe it’s a universal experience of being able to tune in, and tap into a field of energy and information that is out THERE. 

(and that often you can learn to do on your own with practices like mediation, creative visualization and training your brain to filter out more noise, and attract more spiritual signal 🙂

That said, some people DO have more natural talent than  others, and to ignore that fact would be to ignore the obvious.  (e.g. – a gifted medium who has spent 20 years tapping into this energy and interpreting the information is going to be far superior than someone who is getting glimpses and flashes of information, but isn’t 100% quite sure what they mean)

Here are a few very common types of psychic abilities and in very broad and general terms, what they represent.


Every good medium is doing some sort of channeling in my opinion.  They are acting as a conduit between THIS world and the next and allowing the information and energy from one world to flow to, and through them into this.  I believe that everyone CAN be a channel with practice.  But as above, it often takes years of practice to do it well.  (and consistently)

Aura Reading

Being able to see and sense energy and emotion around people (and things) is a very common psychic ability as well.   The idea that every human body has an energetic system that can be visually represented by color dates back thousands of years.  The Chakra system is a good example of an ancient philosophy which incorporates the idea of both energy…and a color coded process by which to interpret the emotional equilibrium of people around us, all of the time.  (amongst other things!)


Many people feel a mind to mind, or emotional connection with other people that defies scientific scrutiny.  Twins, for example……are said to be able to feel the thoughts of their other half without a word being spoken.  Many mothers admit to being able to hear the thoughts, especially distressful thoughts, of a child in need, often thousands of miles away.  The idea that when we love someone, or are deeply connected to them on some special level, that our “minds” merge in some way and allow reciprocal access when intention and attention is set, is something I’ve seen in my own life in hundreds of unique cases.


Lastly, (but DEFINITELY not least..:-) precognition.   What is it?  Probably the most common type of psychic experience there is.  Feeling the future before it happens.  Sensing someone is going to call….moments before they do.  (often someone you haven’t thought of, or heard from in years……and a few hours after having the thought, they are on the phone or in your inbox out of the blue)  Sensing danger before it happens…..and then watching as what you saw or sensed, comes to fruition.

Many professional mediums, for example…will tell stories about their first psychic or spiritual experience being one where they felt a foreboding about a loved one, or a neighbor, or saw someone die days or even hours before it inexplicably happened.

Precognition is a powerful and very persuasive experience that can provide personal PROOF that psychic abilities really are true….especially when it happens to  you!

Other types of psychic abilities we aren’t going to cover here include remote viewing, common clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the more subtle sensory experience of picking up information from others, or the atmosphere.

Some people have very specific gifts as they pertain to spiritual tools and techniques – like ouija, using mirrors (often for seeing spirit) , minerals and even common every day objects that are used for psychometry.  (being able to access emotions, and information from objects)

I have friends who can’t do ANY of the above….but who regularly experience astral projection and can consciously leave their bodies…..AND offer up verifiable information to a bunch of us in a group, that would make your head spin.

What types of psychic abilities do YOU find most interesting?  Which ones of the above do you have?  Which ones would you love to develop?  Share with  us on twitter….or in the community comments section below!

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    August 16, 2013 / at 3:15 amsvgReply

    Can one be clairsentient and empathic? I had this interesting experience with a celebrity. I met Chef Gordon Ramsay during the filming of “Kitchen Nightmares” the “Dillon’s” episode. My friend Michelle and myself were extras (luckily the after the improvements lol) I shook Chef Ramsay’s hand and noticed how large his hands were and my mind (always in the gutter ..big hands big eh ahem and I figure he’s a ..) then in my head I hear a loud voice say “Scorpio!” which freaked me out because I don’t know if that was my intuition or does Chef Ramsay have telepathic abilities? ( I already think the man is a ninja chef so light on his feet you can’t hear him coming or going) . Very strange experience.

    I can also feel people’s energy. Especially and unfortunately people with a lot of anger and rage. I lived with a couple where the husband was a former navy guy and nasty temper and I can feel his energy enter the room before he is physically in the room he projects so much rage. One time I felt like I was being hit in the solar plexus by a wave of energy kinda the feeling as if you are at the beach waist high water and the waves are just hitting you in the stomach..but ocean waves don’t make me sick.

    • Greta

      August 16, 2013 / at 5:37 amsvgReply

      Hi Arlene – very interesting story about Gordon Ramsey thanks for sharing! (I went through a reality TV period a few years ago where I watched that show for hours… the point I think I started responding to any question at work with – Yes, Chef!” 🙂

      The truth is, in my own experience, the ability to feel unusual amounts of empathy for the emotional equilibrium of others is probably the most elemental quality to not only being “psychic” but being a good person as well. (so many people tend to overlook the idea that an empathic person is using a natural sense of feeling, and connection and emotional connectivity to another living being, (or even energy in the enviorment itself) which is critical to intuiting information that others are too self absorbed to notice.

      Many people start with feeling energy….and than can transform into SEEING energy (often colors – like an aura) and thereafter, it’s not uncommon for many other psychic experiences to follow. (if you read about Kundalini, for example, it describes a process very similar to what you described above, and has been practiced and taught for many hundreds of years)

      All very cool stuff – many in our community have had many similar experiences – appreciate your sharing! (and if you see Gordon again – tell him to be nice – or Karma may come back to bite him in his (maybe bigger than expected) behind!

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    Am I Psychic? 4 Common Psychic Abilities That MOST People Have (Even if You Don’t BELIEVE That You Do)

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