Do evil spirits exist?  What happens to bad people when they die?  Do they feel badly for what they’ve done……or do they continue to be bad on the other side as well?  And is it possible to attract negative entities or energies during a psychic reading?  If so…..HOW do I make sure it doesn’t happen to me?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  If you are anything like the millions of people who are curious about what lies after death….and want to explore the afterlife NOW, but are afraid of attracting negative energy in your life, this article was written with YOU in mind.  Curious to know more?  Let’s take a little bit of a closer look, immediately below.

Are there BAD spirits?

I’m going to upset some people here….but the truth is, in my own life, I’ve had very few encounters with what people traditionally call “negative” energies.

Are there darker or more depressed “people” on the other side than others?  Absolutely.

And I truly believe that spiritual growth and development in evolving and fluid process.

We shouldnt expect some sort of “instant” transformation once someone crosses over….as the next world is in many respects, not all that different from this one.

How so?

All of life is a school.

And experiencing life in a human form is only a small piece of the process of being alive.  Your story is MUCH longer than the years you have here.

Your education continues … do your opportunities to evolve and refine your spiritual story.

If everyone who passed away had this instantaneous “A-ha” moment where there were no more challenges, no more issues, no more obstacles and no more learning, it probably would NOT be an equitable place to be for those of you who have spent your life really trying to wake UP your intuitive wisdom within.  (and live lives that reflected that)
Does that mean that there is a “Hell” for bad spirits?

Again, I KNOW this is a bit controversial as well, but I don’t believe in a traditional religious conception of a “hell”.  Instead, I believe that you control what you create, wherever you are.  (in THIS life and the next)

For example, REGARDLESS of “where” you live right now……your thoughts, and the energy you put out into the universe play a big role in whether you are living in paradise or purgatory, right?  The greatest mansion, occupied by someone who is perpetually unhappy, depressed, ungrateful and angry is not going to feel like a beautiful place.

When we cross over to the next plane of existence, in MY experience, thoughts and energy are the actual environment in which we find ourselves.  So the quality and nature of your awareness is integral to the actual environment you occupy.

Love, light and gratitude are the sort of ethereal emotions that not only FEEL good to put out, they also feel be beautiful and blissful to LIVE in as well.

Make sense?

I know that not everyone agrees with this perspective, but it’s my experience.  What do YOU believe about the idea of bad spirits….and where do YOU believe they go when this life is over?  Remember, the key to ALL great spiritual truth is first hand experience, and evidence.

Articles like THIS one are great if they resonate….but at the end of the day, it’s YOUR experience that matters most to your growth!   (so don’t waste time believing anything that you haven’t dived in and tried on your own)

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