Are your dreams psychic?  Do you ever have incredible experiences that follow a precognitive dream that predicted…..almost exactly, events that had YET to happen, but did sometime after the dream was done?

Have you ever had a precognitive dream about a death……or danger that helped you avoid doing something you may regret?

Or what about dreams of loved ones who have crossed….and who have come BACK to say hello?  (something we call After Death Communications…and quite often, will take place in either a dream state or in that strange and often sacred space between waking and dreaming)

The truth is, psychic dreams are an important part of the human experience and something that is spoken of far less often than it probably should…..most likely, out of a fear of being labeled nuts, crazy or attention starved.  In my own life, one of my very first and most powerfully profound psychic experiences was a visitation from a close friend who had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in the middle of the night.

He appeared in my room, at the foot of the bed….and seemed to be slowly smiling and waving goodbye….letting me know he was going to be okay.  While no words were spoken, I knew without any question that he was real….that the experience was genuine, and that something significant (or spiritual) had just happened to this person, many miles away.

Of course, arriving at work in the morning, I learned that he had passed away suddenly, in the middle of the night. 

Was my “dream” psychic…..or was it simply a wide window into another world that we don’t yet quite understand, but that appears to those of us who are open, aware and awake (no pun intended..;-) to embracing the unknown?

In the years I’ve been writing about psychic phenomena, I’ve spoken to countless gifted psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and more importantly……ordinary people who have had EXTRAORDINARY experiences with psychic dreams.

Dreams of past lives are very common.  So too are dreams of people who are unknown at the time…..but appear, serendipitously, at a later date and play a major role in your life are very common as well.  Some of the greatest minds in human history, BOTH in the scientific and spiritual communities alike, have also reported detailed, and documented psychic dreams with all sorts of cool endings that are very hard to discount, EVEN if you are super skeptical.  (many great discoveries and advancements in science have even been attributed to inspirations that emanated from a dream state – from Ben Franklin, to Thomas Edison, to Carl Jung, to countless others who have described these ethereal epiphanies in great detail in their own biographies)

What about YOU?

Have you had a psychic dream?  If yes…..what kind?   What do believe they mean? 

Check out some of the very cool stories of precognitive dreams from around the web at the link below…..or share some of YOUR experiences with us by email, or use the community comments below!

I also have had a series of dreams that led me back to an old friend from high school. One of those dreams stood out from the rest. I dreamed I was in an old-time movie theatre with my friend (which I had no contact with for 20+ yrs). We were in the back row, he was on my left, and looking at him brought really good feelings of warmth and pure love. I put my head on his shoulder and felt ecstatic. When I awoke, I felt as if I’d actually visited him. The dream stuck in my head for days and I longed to reconnect with him someday to tell him what I difference he’d made in my life long ago.Then through another series of life-changing events, and many dreams, visions and unreal coincidences, I actually met him again. He took me to his church a couple months later. I had no idea what religion he was when we arrived and parked the car a few blocks away. When we entered I could tell we were in an old renovated movie theatre, but at that point I didn’t remember my dream. We sat down near the back row, he was on my left, and the old familiar warm feelings surrounded me again. I felt like I was right where I belonged. Then the church pamphlets were handed out and the theme was “Dream, dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before.” I got the Goosebumps and I remembered my dream (from about 6 years ago!) I was living that dream I once had and I told my friend about it.

Messages Through My Dreams – Psychic and Medium Experiences

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