Here is a very interesting series on Dr. Oz’s team studying the brain scans of Theresa Caputo during a conversation with spirit.

These sorts of tests are much more common than many people in the psychic/spirit and new age community are aware….and have been  used in the past to show changes in brain activity in monks meditating, nuns praying and I’ve even watched other well known mediums go through a similar process through the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz.  (who studied John Edward, George Anderson and featured these sorts of tests on other high profile “celebrity” mediums for the HBO documentary, The Afterlife Experiments)

Check out the video of Theresa Caputo below.  (this is part 5  of the five part series – you can see the whole episode on Dr. Oz’s site HERE)

Is this something you’d want to do to prove you WERE in fact communicating with spirit……or do you think it’s a waste of time?  Let us know on Twitter, or in the community comments below!




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