How to Become More Psychic – Naturally Enhance Your Intution (for Free)

Think you’ve got to be a world famous psychic or medium to be clairvoyant?  Think you’ve got to spend a fortune to attend some weekend seminar or workshop to become more psychic?

Think again!

In my view……we are all born with, and blessed with, unique psychic and spiritual gifts that allow us to access information, and illumination that many people would call clairvoyant or ESP.    As a matter of fact, in over a decade of teaching ordinary people how to have extraordinary psychic experiences, I’ve yet to see ONE person not to be able to enhance their intuition with practice.  (and in ways that have immediate positive benefits to their lives)

If you are a woman….believe it or not, you have even MORE natural psychic ability than most men. 

While there are plenty of men who are very gifted….the truth is, the female body, and biochemistry is naturally conducive to clairvoyant experiences, and I’m going to give you a simple set of exercises you can use below to prove this to yourself.

First, the key to ALL psychic abilities is empathy.  Being able to feel the pain, and the problems of other people is truly the major “gift” most psychics and sensitives employ to be able to tap into the energy, and emotion of others.

Think about that face for a second.

In my own years of teaching psychic development, it always amazes me how few people recognize that the words “empath” and “sensitive” are used to describe what psychics “are”, and yet all of us can turn those qualities into a VERB in our own lives.

(in other words – you can simply actively seek out more sensitivity and feel more empathic, and you will actually start to sense sensations that will help your extra sensory skills as well.)

Training yourself to simply be more aware of the feelings of others, and to feel more empathetic, and sensitive to the suffering of those around you is probably the easiest first step to becoming more psychic overall.

(and something that women in general tend to do more easily, as a rule than men)

A few easy first steps?

Try to picture colors around people that you see on the street.  Tap into, or tune into their aura or energy by sensing what you perceive they are feeling about life.

Where possible and appropriate, physically reach out and touch people and try to sense what they are feeling in their body.  These are called psychic/somatic exercises…..and if you use intuition with intention, you can literally feel the various energy systems in the body of the person you are feeling, (some call these the spiritual or subtle energy body) and you will literally get a rush of information that you can validate or verify thereafter.

Do meditate often, do quiet your mind for a fixed period everyday, and DO expand your field of awareness to include things you may NOT be seeing in your ordinary field of consciousness.

(simply “seeing” all of the things going on in the room you are in right now is a great start.  Notice all of the things you DON’T notice ordinarily…and you’ll be often be shocked at how much is happening that we aren’t aware of, every moment of our lives)

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