Tips for finding a Medium

One of the biggest reasons many people find a medium reading NOT to their level of expectation is actually pretty simple to spot.

They don’t actually seek out psychic mediums, instead….they seek out readings with psychics who are NOT mediums.  (and simply assume that all psychics are simultaneously, mediums as well)

This is, as most mediums will attest (and plenty of psychics as well) not the case 🙂

Here is a short article from Bob Olson worth reading on some times for seeking out a psychic medium, including of course, making sure that if spirit communcation is your goal, that you actually make sure that the psychic you call or visit actually does that in advance.  (as many psychics will tell you straight away that their skill set is NOT one of spirit or afterlife communication)

Check out the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below.

My focus here is on psychic mediumship, otherwise known as spirit communication. So if you want to communicate with your deceased loved ones in spirit, then what you want is a reading with a psychic medium, not a psychic. Psychics (aka intuitives) obtain information from energy, including your personal aura and the Universe. Psychics are helpful with guidance around personal issues with which you’re dealing (relationships, finances, career, physical or emotional issues), and some offer predictions.Psychic mediums, on the other hand, obtain information (messages) from people in spirit. They receive messages from dead people who are now in the spirit world.

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