As part of our Q and A audio series, we’ve been getting some great questions (and insightful answers) on how psychic mediums differ, and where their work is similar, as well.

While there are lots of different ways people like to self categorize themselves, I think the breakdown below, in the interest of simplicity, works well.

  1. Mental Mediums
  2. Physical Mediums

Mental mediums are very common. Physical mediums? Not so much.

Evidential mediumship (as a general rule) can be thought of as being comprised of mostly evidential information, supplemented with messages. (providing “proof” of presence is paramount, and the messages may often be secondary)

There are also mediums who communicate through art, channeling (where the voice of a discarnate may come through the voicebox of the medium) automatic writing (where the medium is used as an instrument of written communication) and more.

Physical mediumship, while generally must more rare, has a whole host of “manifestation” elements that don’t show up in a mental mediumship reading. (ectoplasm, apports or objects that appear in the room seemingly out of thin air, sounds, smells, and sensations, and of course, the actual presence of a deceased person in the physical space where the seance, or the reading is taking place)

This is much harder for many people to accept, understandably…..and even many mediums we know don’t believe that physical mediumship is a genuine thing.

What do you believe? Share your thoughts!

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