Netflix’s new series follows a medium as he travels the US, dispensing joy via spiritual readings like a morbid Marie Kondo. Although not all of his claims are that impressive.

What do skeptics think of the new Netflix show featuring psychic medium Tyler Henry?  Do mainstream media outlets find his “talents” impressive?  Are skeptics convinced that mediumship is real, and that Tyler has a genuine psychic gift?

Of course not!  The truth is, there will never be a TV medium (or a real life medium) that the vast majority of science accepts as genuine.  Why?  Because memiumship itself is considered a fraudulent practice, and an impossible exercise, hence to expect scientists and skeptics to become convinced of it’s reality is a fools errand.

That doesn’t mean, however, that what Tyler Henry is doing is any less real, or important or significant.  Evaluating evidence is a very personal thing – and while we all ought to not let our brains fall out when judging what a medium or spiritual teacher says……we are free to form our own opinions.

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