It’s no surprise that Tyler Henry is one of the most sought after mediums in the world. After years of broadcasting his own brand of special psychic talents on episodic TV, and coming out of a year’s long pandemic, there is a deep hunger and thirst for finding meaning, and rediscovering magic in our collective grief, healing and overwhelm.

While Tyler isn’t the most famous psychic medium in the world, he IS amongst the most respected and well known. And Netflix’s new program on life after death, featuring Tyler Henry as he offers readings to real people around the globe….is guaranteed to make him a household name, and the spiritual superstar he has always been destined to become.

What are your thoughts on the show? What do you believe about life after death? Do you believe in psychic mediums….and if so, what are your thoughts about Tyler Henry? We’ve had so many people share their reviews, thoughts and experiences with Tyler as both as private medium, and a public personality, that we’ll be releasing a whole series of content on the Netflix show, and the many different real opinions from real readers (both in the public – and within the psychic community) about Tyler Henry’s unusual, and impressive gift.

tyler henry life after death

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