Is Kristin Ross a Real Medium?

Has anyone had a reading with Kristin Ross? We’ve had a few people recently ask about Kristin Ross, after reading “Brian’s Journey” ( a book on a mothers journey through grief and exploring the evidence for an afterlife) and the mention of Kristin’s reading, in the book.

We haven’t had any experience with Kristin, nor have I personally heard of her before, so if you have had a medium/psychic reading with Kristin Ross, feel free to leave your thoughts in the community comments, or let us know by email.

For what it’s worth, Kristin Ross’s Yelp reviews are very good and her clients say very positive things about both her work a small sample can be found below.

Review Highlights

Janet D.

“She has such a wonderful gift and uses it positively to help us connect with our loved ones that have passed.” in 8 reviews

Carissa D.

“She was the real deal because she mentioned things only I knew, only my family knew, and FULL names.” in 7 reviews

“Kirstin has given me messages from both my parents and also from a sister whom I never really got to know.” in 7 reviews

Location & Hours

11100 Sepulveda Blvd

Ste 8-222

Mission Hills, CA 91345

Mission Hills

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Kirstin R.

I am a spiritual medium and intuitive. I connect you with your loved ones in Spirit, including pets,
giving you specific and detailed information so that you know that you are connecting with your
loved ones. I also do intuitive readings, in which I connect with my guides and give you information…Read more

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  • Scum B.Compton, CA0636/11/2021Very kind, responsive, and welcoming. Responds very quick to messages and Instagram. Very popular within the healing community and very resourceful.  Learn something about yourself. Don’t deny yourself consciousness.
    “Ask and you shall receive” is the rule.  But you must learn How to Ask, before you learn How to Receive.UsefulFunnyCool 1
  • Jodie V.Box Canyon, CA3313/19/2021Kirstin is the real deal! Not only did she have messages for me, but she had a very special message for my sister. I can’t thank you enough.
    Much love, Jodi V.UsefulFunnyCool
  • Elizabeth L.WOODLAND HLS, CA051110/12/2020She has a gift, I believe in mediums but I am cautious because not everyone is honest in today’s society. However, I can certainly say she does have a gift.
    I had a reading with Mrs. Kristin recently and she was right on point. I have a poker face and said yes/no didn’t let my emotions get the best of me because, I wanted to make sure she was hearing from spirit and not based on my emotional reaction.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.Useful 1FunnyCool
  • Kristel Y.Studio City, CA3764155545/21/2020I didn’t know what to expect nor did I have any expectations about my session. I think this allowed me to go into the experience with an open heart.

    First things first, Kirstin is the real deal. And I don’t say that lightly. She has such wonderful gifts and I’m so appreciative she has decided to share them with others. My 1-hour session was so incredibly healing and gave a lot of closure to some unfinished things in my life. She is interpreting information very quickly and just relaying it to you, it is your job to discern the information and if it makes sense to you. You’ll find yourself piecing together bits of information to make it make sense.

    Through her pre-session meditation, she identified two individuals (one male, around my age, and one female, older like a motherly figure). I’m going to save the Grandma stuff just for me (it was super accurate), but let me share a bit about what she shared about my friend.

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