Who is Laura Lynne Jackson? Is the Featured Psychic Medium in “Surviving Death” the Real Deal……Or is Laura Lynn Jackson a Feel Good Fake?

Want to schedule a reading with ‘Surviving Death’s Laura Lynne Jackson? You’re not alone! Here’s what you need to know about her and how to get in touch.

Laura Lynn Jackson is the “medium next door” as she’s portrayed on Surviving Death, Netflix’s controversial new series based on Leslie Kean’s excellent book of the same name.  We’ve had at least one person email us every day to ask about school teacher and psychic medium Laura Lynn Jackson, and what our impressions of her are, based on her portrayal on the documentary.

While several of the people who contribute to our community are quite impressed with Laura Lynn Jackson, and she seems to be a very nice person…….I didn’t find her readings on the show itself all that impressive, or evidential.

Were there some unique insights she offered up that were impressive?  Absolutely.  Her honing in on some of the personal aspects of the relationship between “Mike’s” parents was certainly accurate, and not something that would be subject to a random guess.

(and he was quite impressed, and commented prior to his reading with Laura Lynn Jackson that this would be important to hear……which counts)

But there were mostly other random platitudes served up in the other segments, and I for one…..was completely disappointed in both the quality of her readings, her “humble brag” attitude was somewhat offputting (the “you don’t need a medium” mantra is one that’s always annoyed me when others use it, often after people have paid good money to see the medium 🙂

In general, while Laura Lynn Jackson is getting high marks and high reviews from others who have watched the show, and while she certainly has a good reputation, color me unimpressed, with both her books (very light on science and very heavy with new age platitudes and breezy affirmations that many have noted are decidedly not for the smarter, spiritual set)

Mostly, i’m disappointed with the whole segment on mediums on the Surviving Death series.  The episodes on NDE’s, Death Bed Visions and Reincarnation featured world class thinkers, scientists, and smart skeptical segments.  The episodes on mediums, by contrast, were cartoonish and silly.  (and I say that having STARTED the series with about 10 other people who found the mediums episode so laughably anti-scientific, I had to  beg them to continue watching the other segments)

As far as mediums go, I truly wish they were able to get psychic mediums like John Edward, Gordon Smith or other true “elite” level evidential mediums, rather than the more usual suspects the Forever Family Foundation offers.

Do I understand that most folks who are new to mediumship will disagree?  Absolutely – to them, Laura Lynn Jackson feels like the compassionate, comfortable, accessible and much like the suburban psychic medium you’d want to see if you’re grieving.  And she very well may be.  But in terms of serving up actual evidence that there is an afterlife, i think her segments were amongst the weakest Surviving Death had to offer.

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