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Now Reading: Who is Nicole de Haas? Is This Dutch Medium Legit……Or Has Nicole De Haas Been Exposed as a Fake?


Who is Nicole de Haas? Is This Dutch Medium Legit……Or Has Nicole De Haas Been Exposed as a Fake?

svgJanuary 24, 2021Musingsgoodkarma

Note – for new visitors looking for many more thoughts on Nicole De Hass and her readings, check out the community comments below this post.  (lots of people have VERY strong opinions on Nicole De Hass, and they share them, for better or worse, below! 🙂

‘Surviving Death’ viewers have doubts about whether Dutch medium Nicole de Haas is a fraud or legit. Here’s what we know.

Dutch medium Nicole de Haas has generated a lot of buzz from her appearances on the Netflix smash hit “Surviving Death.”  But has she shown herself to be a legitimate physical medium, or has she revealed herself to be a complete fraud and psychic scam?

We’ve heard from lots of people who have shared different opinions on Nicole de Haas, from being completely convinced she’s a genuine physical medium, to others who thought the show did her no favors in how it portrayed her psychic “gifts”

My reaction in watching the show was quite mixed.  While physical mediumship is in itself a very controversial practice, and while I did find Nicole de Hass quite convincing as a good and sincere person being during the interview segments, I was less impressed with the actual “mediumship” she offered, especially in the segments that covered the different voices/aspects of her physical mediumship.  (the voices to my ear were quite fake and contrived, and to the other people watching with me……the same sense of something being quite cartoonish appeared for all)

Did Nicole de Hass  do “hot reading” on the family featured in the one extended session?  (the mental mediumship demonstration)

I think it’s very difficult to claim someone “cheated” without having actual evidence.  That said, I do think it’s quite telling that the family was quite unimpressed with the session once they saw all of the information available on their respective social media pages (including almost all of the impressive “hits” that seemed quite amazing to see during the reading – only to learn that information was all easily available online)

What do you think about physical mediumship and or Nicole de Haas?  What about the Surviving Death overall?

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What do you think?

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  • Bill

    November 16, 2022 / at 10:08 pmsvgReply

    The validity or fraudulence attached to De Haas & associates assumes that conciousness is not only independent of the physical body, but apparently part of a much larger reality, vastly involved, unthinkably ancient, and beyond our present ability to comprehend except in the simplest terms. And that certain people throughout history, by design or otherwise,have been fitted with the ability to tap into that part relating directly to human lifespans and their aftermath. One can then only hope these persons are honest and moral, as opposed to the despicable con artists who have preyed upon the grief and the fear of people for decades- the kind Houdini and Conan Doyle made a habit of exposing. Does Surviving Death make any reference to fees or monies requested from participants? If afterlife is real, so may be these mediums and channelers. De Haas’ child voice may be all her larynx is able to
    achieve when in contact with a junior spirit guide..but how can we ever know for sure? To me, true Mediums trying to help others and spread the truth that we are far more than the sum of our parts, will do so freely without financial recompense.
    But…what if anything is going on? Are there people here given knowledge to pass on
    via their living physical selves about the true nature of our existence and identities?
    Do they truly have a hint that we’re spiritual beings having a brief physical experience? There are still no facts. No real empirical data aside,perhaps, from those
    who’ve “been there and back”, swearing the experience was beyond any of the most
    vivid dreams or hallucinations one can possibly have. Meanwhile, how do we validate a Medium one way or t’other?

    • goodkarma

      November 17, 2022 / at 2:22 amsvgReply

      I appreciate your comments, Bill – although I do disagree with your choice of wording above – and some of your assertions – I think we’re probably on the same page. There is plenty of “empirical” data with respect to studies on mediums (there are countless studies that have been done on Mediums dating back to the William James era in Victorian England – with some of the most sophisticated scientific minds of that day) – that doesn’t mean, of course, their conclusions were correct (although many did come to believe that the empirical evidence for mediumship was quite strong) – and NDE survivors, in many respects, are the worst witnesses for proof of an afterlife. (they may in fact, have something interesting to say about non local consciousness though – and the ability of the mind to extend beyond the physical body, at the moment of death – but we know very little about what may happen days, weeks or eons therefter) I don’t believe that Nicole De Hass in genuine, personally – but that has nothing to do with what she may charge – or what fees she may require to do what she does. Everyone ought to be paid for their gifts – regardless of whether one writes for a living – builds homes – does brain surgery or sweeps streets. The interesting facts, to me – are those that investigate consciousness – and it’s contents – and whether there is a universe teeming with information and aliveness outside of the grasp of ordinary blokes like myself – and if some folks have a wider window into that reality as well. All good fun to think about though – and I do appreciate your thoughts!

      • Bill

        December 16, 2022 / at 6:31 pmsvgReply

        Thanks for your reply. Agreed, the nde appears to be a rather local event. What may follow could be something we’re not yet meant to know. I was wondering about your conclusions re:
        Raymond Moody’s research. Also if you or perhaps someone you might know to be interested, would care to exchange philosophies about our existence either as Darwin truths or spiritual beings having a brief physical event.
        There is a great deal I would enjoy discussing about human beings and their
        multi million years of residency on the planet, especially if we’re not what we physically appear to be.
        A bit about me: I am situated in Ottawa, Canada. I’m a senior citizen ( 70) and have pondered our true state/origins since childhood. Been hard put to come to any terms with our so brief “mayfly” lifespan and always wondered if its but a short visit for us as physical beings.
        Also the feeling that we’re blocked, by choice or otherwise, from the true reality of what’s actually happening just outside of the apparent prison to which we seem to have been sentenced. I’ve read on more than one occasion about near death survivors who feel they’ve returned to the prison of the body after their experience- some did not want to return and others suffered depression from having to do so.
        It would be gratifying to speak with people who’ve had the experience, and to listen to other peoples’ thoughts about our real identities.
        I’m available for that if anyone would like to email me and have a talk.
        Thanks for your response to my reply. May I know the name of the gentleman I’m speaking with? Perhaps we could exchange ideas as well.



  • Bill

    October 8, 2022 / at 1:00 amsvgReply

    Aspects of the series seemed legit. De Haas seemed legit. Until I heard the “Tommy” voice. That voice alone caused major doubt to surface. Sounded like a woman’s voice attempting a poor imitation of a child’s. Well…


    July 14, 2022 / at 12:34 amsvgReply

    After watching the Netflix programme of Spirit Survival – I was very disappointed with the physical mediumship aspect of the programme, as being a physical medium myself, and sitting in my home closed circle for years – the Spirit Guides informed the circle was a experimental circle and that we had to abolish the theatrical settings of the darken room, the red light and the cabinet – that we the sitters had to sit in subdued lightening conditions and instead of sitting for one person, all of the sitters was to be included as each of the sitters had their own unique physical gift – automatic writing, transfiguration, direct voice and so forth- the mediumship and the phenomena was exceptional. Personally I thought the way the seance room was sealed with tape, the medium being tied to a chair inside the cabinet and then the cabinet was closed off with a curtain – one could not see the medium and what was happening inside the cabinet , the sitters being searched and told to take off any jewellery – was all psychological in that it raised the sitters expectations and with the sitters having a group consciousness mind set, they were gullible to believe anything that they heard or thought what they saw or sensed – darkness can play tricks on the mind. Cannot see any reason why infa-ray camera could not have been used to capture any Spirit or phenomena. I felt that the Spirit voices were very contrived and I related to my partner I thought ‘Tommy’ sounded like our Queen, and the mediums face remained the same throughout the seance – it was the same scenario when she only did trance without the physical aspect being involved. I felt this type of physical mediumship belongs in the Victorian Era, that the Spirit world has now progressed and we should not be insulting our Spirit Friends by sitting in a darkened room when the Spirit world is full of love and light All I can say I was not impressed with the medium or her closed circle.

    • goodkarma

      July 14, 2022 / at 1:48 amsvgReply

      Thanks, Sandi – the vast majority of feedback we’ve received about Nicole De Haas has been pretty negative and unimpressed – I think the show did itself a disservice by having featured her for the physical mediumship segment. If you have any additional details on your own experience that you’d like to share – feel free to email us ( as lots of folks are writing to us with respect to physical mediums – looking for more info and evidence of it’s legitimacy – would be happy to take a closer look at anything you think is worthwhile – or evidential – based on what you’ve shared above. Thanks:)

    • Jiaying Dai

      October 27, 2022 / at 8:22 amsvgReply

      Totally agree with your point of view! Do you have your own personal blog or website? I would like to get in touch with you, thank you.😊

  • teri rutherford

    May 8, 2022 / at 10:20 amsvgReply

    I watched Nicole Haas last night in the Netflix series. I agree with others here who see her for what she is–a complete fraud. She is unremarkable and offered nothing except a ridiculous performance. I certainly do not and did not see her as benevolent. This was insulting. I am searching for a word to describe how she made me feel. Something sinister and unlikable. I have met genuine mediums. They do exist. Laura Lynn Jackson was at least likable & warm, but beyond that, in no way believable.

    • goodkarma

      May 8, 2022 / at 5:14 pmsvgReply

      Thanks, Teri – I agree – and if nothing else, while Nicole De Haas certainly has her defenders, I don’t think she did herself many favors with the Netflix special. That said, I also agree with your feelings about Laura Lynn Jackson – she seems very likeable, and no doubt, she has a warm and compassionate energy (at least as far as her public persona) – but, I’m not all that impressed with what I’ve seen of her work, nor do I understand why she is so roundly fawned over, with respect to her readings. (they strike me as very generic, very hit or miss, and very “meh?” …..and aren’t going to move the needle much in terms of convincing people mediumship is real) I feel the same way about her books – and her writing – and her descriptions of what it’s like to be “psychic” – none of it really resonates with me – nor others that I’ve spoken to/worked with who research spiritually transformative experiences like mediumship, nde’s, etc…in a more evidential way. There are some really good mediums though – who are doing things that are far more interesting and impressive – I’d like to see some of them get more attention than the “celebrity” types, who suck up all of the oxygen in the room 🙂

  • Noella

    April 2, 2022 / at 5:50 pmsvgReply

    After watching just a bit of surviving death it is clear to me that Nicole da Haas is a fraud! I wouldn’t be surprised if she has some form of narcissism or other personality disorder that thrives on attention and power and money! It’s too bad that people desperately wanting to believe get fooled by such a person like this. Unfortunately, there are far too many. It would be nice if charges could be laid on such a person. I believe in intuition and channelling, but I also know that there are many frauds.

    • goodkarma

      April 5, 2022 / at 12:10 amsvgReply

      Hey Noella – thanks so much for your comment. Are there any channelers that you believe are not frauds? Is channeling possible (in your view) and it’s just this particular medium who is fake – or do you think that anyone who does this sort of work is also a problem? (I’m curious only because we’ve had many people argue that Nicole De Haas is a fake – only to then offer up other “channelers” they believe are real – and when I tend to watch those folks in action – they also appear like obvious bad actors to me as well! 🙂

    • Blondie Adams

      June 4, 2022 / at 7:25 pmsvgReply

      The Holy Bible is God’s word. It is truth. Leviticus 19:31 and Isaiah 8:19 state, “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.”
      The ppl who claim to speak to the dead have no truth in them.
      Remember the devil can hear your spoken words and they know Gods word too. A fact to remember, the devil cannot hear our thoughts. Only God.

      There are only two places a person goes after death. If you are a believer in God…”to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”
      2 Corinthians 5:8.
      If you are not a believer you don’t get to heaven. So if you want to know what your deceased loved one in heaven is doing right now? They are in total joy, no sadness, no pain, no needs. They are not with us. They are with God and cannot see what we are doing. I hope this helps someone.

      • JJCopper

        August 24, 2022 / at 11:18 amsvgReply

        I agree. She is a fraud. The dead know not anything. When we die our breath goes back to God who gave it, and then the judgement. Evil is all this mediumship is and ever will be.

  • Kathy

    March 19, 2022 / at 7:34 amsvgReply

    I agree 100% fraud. She offers nothing. Even a sociopath can fool others into thinking they offer compassion, connection and kindness. Im sorry Taylor, you’ve been conned.

  • Liz

    March 4, 2022 / at 7:42 pmsvgReply

    She is a fraud. Everything I have seen her say is readily available with an internet search. Also, her bad juju vibes can be felt through the screen. It is disappointing that people still try to take advantage of others. I am an empath not psychic, or a medium or anything, and watching her made me nauseous.

  • Sam

    October 9, 2021 / at 11:49 amsvgReply

    I’m afraid I cannot trust Nicole De Haas despite the defending being done by Taylor. I love the series Surviving Death, however, the mediumship episode leaves me cold. I find NDH like a cult leader. This is my opinion only.

    • Chris

      November 21, 2021 / at 12:08 pmsvgReply

      Totally agree! It’s a money making scheme where people prey on others grief to make money!

    • Alisa Detwiler

      January 17, 2022 / at 11:11 pmsvgReply

      She can only channel members of her spiritual team who are limited to specific human languages and can’t channel the actual subjects being investigated. She channeled Tommy Boy without people singing to raise the vibrations. Her credibility is questionable. And the voices are over the top. I wish Amy Allen was on this show instead of Nicole de Haas.

      • Brian Simmons

        June 9, 2022 / at 9:24 pmsvgReply

        Different voices but still uses same type of talk. All that yes yes stuff. I assume everyone in Holland doesn’t speak that way. Claims it’s them then y do they all speak with same dialog. Not sure if word I want but I’m sure u know what I’m referring to. What a joke.

    • Joanne

      January 21, 2022 / at 9:42 pmsvgReply

      I agree as well. The voices sounded faked, especially when she closed half of her mouth to do Tommy Boys voice, why would a spirit talking through someone have to close half of her mouth to speak. That’s how I knew she was a fraud. She has to walk away to go relax alone afterwards, because she needs to work on putting her poker face back on. The voices sounded too ridiculous and cartoony.

  • Jaysa

    July 30, 2021 / at 3:38 pmsvgReply

    I have been in deep grief and have been searching for a real medium with no luck. I watched this and somehow felt insulted by Nicole De Haas and that boy voice she got from watching old English movies…i heard “please sir may i have some more” …from my research, if there is an afterlife then it is pure love and light, so the whole darkness thing is a scam, when we darkness our senses are naturally more aware so she plays on that. The reading with the family was nonsense and hot reading for sure! if i died and could give any message, it would be more personal. Also, she said that “tommy” said the green car is ugly does not add up as kids love cars and would most likely find the bright green attractive..

    From a channeling perspective, i have been watching Suzanne Giesemann and when she gets a different voice- Sanaya, it feels more genuine, i cant of course say for certain if she is even real as never got a reading from her but if u watch it, i feel Netflix should have chose her over this silly women Nicole

    • goodkarma

      July 30, 2021 / at 6:34 pmsvgReply

      Thanks, Jaysa – for your thoughts – we appreciate them, and are sorry to hear you are struggling with grief. I have watched Suzanne Giesemann over the years as well, and I’m not sure what I think there, either – I do know her credentials seem strong (she has a pretty solid background as a person) – but having heard her speak several times on her “philosophy” and her thoughts about the afterlife (she has appeared on several podcasts of friends/professional peers as well) – I remain somewhat agnostic about Suzanne Giesemann as a medium – and am less impressed by her channeled material. I happen to like Paul Selig, who also does channeled work – and feels a bit more interesting to me in terms of his overall approach/intelligence -and there are some physical mediums we’ve heard really good things about – but unfortunately, none of this stuff is as easy or straightforward, as we’d all like.

      • taskeinc

        February 28, 2022 / at 4:50 pmsvgReply

        Fraudsters are like chameleons… a person can exhibit integrity and still be full of it. Of course, I’ve not met this medium and probably won’t ever so I won’t pass judgement.

        However, if you rely on your own logic and ability to decipher fact from fiction, her appearance on Surviving Death comes off as poppycock. And that appears to be the feeling of most who saw it… Since we all have psychic abilities it’s important for us to self-educate and learn for ourselves… Learn the art of meditation and contact the spiritual realm on your own. That’s what I started doing 40 years ago when my mother passed at the age of 54. I was 19. I started reading and researching independently. The more I read and studied about metaphysics, about cosmology, about energy, the more I began to understand what the physical death is all about and the fact that we are eternal spirits – experiencing as humans – on a journey of Soul Growth and the expansion of Consciousness.

        The broad, basic, and generic statements made by most mediums could apply to literally hundreds of thousands of people. Do your own research!

    • Heidi

      March 10, 2022 / at 7:20 pmsvgReply

      Dear Jaysa. I am really sorry for your grief and I hope that until now you found a real medium. If it helps you in anyway I can recommend you a real genuine Medium from Namibia Africa. She is the best I have ever seen and experienced in all my life…. No cold readings just pure gift. Check her out on Facebook under Antje Brendel Jaeger. She speaks German, English and Afrikaans. She is kind funny and very down to earth and she gives readings to client all over and she is affordable. NAMASTÉ

      • blondie adams

        June 4, 2022 / at 7:35 pmsvgReply

        I have done my own research. When we die, we pass from this earth to one of two places. In heaven with the Lord. Or we go to hell and the Lord is not there.
        2 Corinthians 5:8 NKJV. For believers…
        “But we are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

  • Taylor

    July 23, 2021 / at 3:44 pmsvgReply

    Everything you guys are saying about Nicole is absolutely untrue. If you met her in person you would easily see that. She is such a loving kind hearted servant of the Spirit world. Her entire existence revolves around serving Spirit. It makes me so sad to read this kind of talk. I absolutely understand being skeptical. I was once skeptical myself until I realized I had mediumship abilities. Now I’m a student because I think it’s the coolest thing ever that we are capable of communicating to the Spirit world. I had a reading with Nicole and she provided evidence that was impossible to know. The best way to know if a medium is a fraud or not is to look at their personality. Do they have integrity? Are they kind and loving? You can’t have that type of personality and be a fraud. It doesn’t make any sense. I am in a class with Nicole and she has provided so much healing for me. Years in therapy doesn’t compare to what she has done for me. I will forever be grateful to her and the Spirit world.

    • goodkarma

      July 23, 2021 / at 4:25 pmsvgReply

      Hi Taylor – thanks for sharing your thoughts about Nicole De Haas – we appreciate your perspective. The truth is – you are conflating belief in a spirit world (which many people here obviously share) with the belief that one specific medium (in this case, Nicole De Haas) is actually an appropriate (or accurate) conduit to that space. Also – per your comments above – I don’t think most folks would agree that “the best way to know if a medium is a fraud or not is to look at their personality” – this is obviously not how science – or research – works. You look at the results – the readings – the evidence – not whether someone appears to be nice, or not. Imagine if scientific research (which most folks who are serious about studying mediumship are doing) – was predicated on the personalities of the scientists – whether they were good husbands or wives – good neighbbors or good citizens – and not predicated on the results of their research – or the strength of their discoveries. I have no opinion on Nicole De Haas as a person – I don’t know her personally – and the only exposure I’ve had to her work – was the Netflix special – which I remain, unimpressed by the portions in which she was featured. The vast majority of folks who have watched the same segements – are equally as unimpressed – as you can find pretty much in most of the reviews (of the show) around the web. I do believe there are accurate mediums in the world – doing amazing things – and working in this space as a publisher – have witnessed many extraordinary things. Unfortunately – to my eye – watching Nicole De Haas isn’t one of those extraordinary things – but I will remain open minded if new evidence is offered – and of course, wish you well on your studies – and her well on her journey.

      • Taylor

        July 24, 2021 / at 4:05 pmsvgReply

        I believe you may be confusing being a fraud and being scientifically not accurate as the same. I am saying she is not a fraud, meaning a deceptive person who is taking advantage of other’s grief. You can’t be a loving kind person whose entire life revolves around being of service to others and be taking advantage of people at the same time. That to me doesn’t make sense. Being scientifically accurate is a different story. Many mediums, even the best, have difficulty being entirely accurate, all of the time, and it’s obvious much of this can’t be proven 100% by science at the present moment although we are getting much closer. Films are edited and we should take that into consideration when evaluating an individual. Some of the comments made below left a bad taste in my mouth and I felt obliged to respond considering I know Nicole’s character. I hope most people reading this forum will hopefully be more open and not take everything filmed in a movie as enough to define someone’s ability as a medium. I understand the skepticism. There have been frauds in our history so it’s always good to question everything, but I would recommend not closing the door on this one. Her abilities are on a whole other level than most. Thank you for wishing me well on my journey! It’s definitely much more difficult being a medium than I ever thought lol. I’m in it for the long haul though. God bless.

        • goodkarma

          July 24, 2021 / at 4:16 pmsvgReply

          Good points! I agree with much of what you’ve written – and think you offer a good counter balance to some of the comments we’ve gotten (all from strangers – I don’t know anyone who has commented here personally) – and I think your character witness for Nicole de Haas is a strong one – and it’s good to see and read someone with far more personal experience than we do. Much appreciate your response – and if you are interested – we have a new podcast/series of books & magazine/spiritual storyteller series coming out in August for people who have had extraordinary experiences – (NDE’s, out of body experiences, apparitions, death bed visions, deep meditative experiences, past life memories, etc) if you’d like to contribute or discuss your journey or experiences, we’d be happy to hear them and include you. (our email for the project is – get in touch if it sounds interesting to you) Thanks so much!

          • Taylor

            July 25, 2021 / at 3:20 pm

            Thank you. I may consider it. I am looking forward to being a listener 🙂

          • goodkarma

            July 25, 2021 / at 4:51 pm

            Thank you! 🙂

    • blondie adams

      June 4, 2022 / at 7:39 pmsvgReply

      May I pose a question? How much does she charge? How. Much will you charge?
      Mediums who do readings bc angry when it’s suggested this is a gift and just do it for free. Oh no!They want to be paid. By credit card only. No cash. So they can do their homework about your life and direct their ‘readings’ accordingly. Please don’t. Believe them. The Bible is the truth. No mediums.

  • Lauren Greene Whyte

    April 27, 2021 / at 8:33 pmsvgReply

    The mediumship episode was quite bogus. Cold readings and people desperate and grieving being taken advantage of. Such charlatans of no soul and greed. Pitiful they would inject this garbage in a program that had smart research and good example. “Tommy” made me puke. That was when I turned it off. Ectoplasm? That’s what I threw up, I believe.

    • Kristien

      July 4, 2021 / at 8:02 pmsvgReply

      She and her team are very nasty people

      • Taylor

        July 23, 2021 / at 3:49 pmsvgReply

        Have you met Nicole? Your comment is a strong one to make if you don’t know her on a personal level. Every aspect of her life shows service in some capacity.

  • Sergio Hernane Peron

    March 25, 2021 / at 11:48 amsvgReply

    Hi everyone.
    I’m glad I could find people talking about this… the first episode was so good, I just couldn’t believe the next two would be so, so bad…

    Any person who read Allan Kardec’s books can simply explain why there’s no reason to have physic experiences nowadays, not less important, that only very low class spirits would attend such an irrelevant request…

    Have you ever heard about Chico Xavier, the brazilian medium known by his thousands of psychographed letters and hundreds of books? Internet DID NOT exist at his time, he never made ONE question to nobody in his readings, his letters was recognized by family members because of names, nicknames, expressions, perfect description of memories that only the spirit and person who the letter was written to knew, and, even better, the signature at the end of the letter generally was identical to the original. One of them was used in a trial as an evidence…he never got one penny, not even from his books…

    Nicole may be a medium, but she’s playing with bad things…probably she won’t like so much what she will see when she pass to the other side. Why the darkness? The black clothes? What is the meaning of trying to convince people that Ectoplasm hurts? All this makes NO SENSE at all…

    Good spirits works are always surrounded with light. For me, she is a vain charlatan, stealing money from people’s weakness and pain.

    Hope you search about Chico’s work to find out what is the true meaning of using mediunity to help people to heal from it’s pains.

  • Anne Lewis

    March 24, 2021 / at 12:19 amsvgReply

    Having had an amazing reading in the past which a psychic who offered specific details not known to anyone but myself, I found Nicole, and this entire series, to be disappointing.
    She is so obviously a fake. First of all she knew who she would be reading and the “facts” could be obtained on Facebook. I cannot believe she is taken seriously by anyone. Laughable.

  • c

    March 17, 2021 / at 8:38 pmsvgReply

    I’ve had personal psychic experiences . I don’t do readings for others and never would.

    But watching Nicole and some of the others … well they were just not believable and I think they are taking advantage of others people grief.

  • Adriana Looyen

    March 1, 2021 / at 9:31 amsvgReply

    Completely fake. Mediocre actress, eventually.

    • goodkarma

      March 1, 2021 / at 7:44 pmsvgReply

      Eventually, Adriana – we’re all merely mediocre actresses (and actors) on an insignificant stage that history will no doubt, soon forget – but I take your point on Nicole de Haas.

  • Joan Sørensen

    February 28, 2021 / at 8:36 pmsvgReply

    I did not think De Haas Seemed genuine. With that said, I went to a group Reading 20-some years ago, where the medium would go In trance and afterwards each of us would get a message from our Guardian spirit. This medium changed Voices, and came with messages like “be good to other people” etc.
    When she was done, my eyes faced the ceiling and all I could think of, was the waste of time and money this evening had been. I thought she was a 100% moneystealing bad actor hoax.
    When the medium started to pass individual messages from Guardian spirits I was Angry with her and gullible me.. She Finally stood In front of me several feet away, and all I felt, was the left side of my body was tingling from head to Toe. And the medium said “your Guardian spirit is touching your left side In Long strokes” – to be honest my mouth opened In that second and my ears closed. So I never Found out What the message was.

    • goodkarma

      February 28, 2021 / at 8:58 pmsvgReply

      Thank you for sharing that experience, Joan! Very interesting – and i’m sure, many people reading this will find it quite inspirational as well!

      • Maude

        March 16, 2021 / at 3:40 amsvgReply

        I think she and her whole center are a big fraud, and I find the whole thing so unethical. I disagree with the previous commenter who said it’s good that it brings healing to those grieving people. They are vulnerable and don’t deserve a lie.
        I’m also troubled by these fake voices, especially the ridiculous child voice. She said herself that the spirit uses the medium’s vocal cords to communicate. Her voice wouldn’t change like that!
        My heart goes to the the Indian young man, Assan, who so wanted to communicate with his father and all he got was a bad show of generic clichés.

        • Valerie Suckling

          March 28, 2021 / at 11:23 pmsvgReply

          I actually felt quite angry at the exploitation of peoples grief! These poor people were clearly so desperate to connect with their deceased loved ones they seemed to overlook the embarrassingly obvious put on voices for example. When Nicole was ‘doing’ Tommy you could practically see her vocal chords painfully straining! I would presume the courses at her centre are not free, so shame on her and her circle for cashing in on grief and vulnerability!

  • Kyle

    February 18, 2021 / at 11:17 pmsvgReply

    yeah the fake voices almost made me laugh. And the fact that she never allowed cameras to film anything that could be empirical. I think there are real physical mediums, but she is not one of them.

    • goodkarma

      February 19, 2021 / at 4:02 amsvgReply

      All good points, Kyle. The microscope of public attention has certainly not been kind to Nicole De Haas 🙂 I’m just super surprised that the documentarians, who seem to be sympathetic to the idea that mediumship is “real”, included what was clearly a very hokey, and very cartoonish physical medium to feature on the show. (Leslie Kean shared some of her experiences with physical mediumship in her book, and she claims they were very powerful – but i’m left wondering if she’s much more gullible than I thought prior to watching Surviving Death)

      • Marai

        May 8, 2021 / at 9:46 pmsvgReply

        If anyone is intereted in the true nature of life (which is Love) you might want to visit about the Dutch metafysical writer and medium JozefbRulof. Highly recommended.

        • Marai

          May 8, 2021 / at 9:49 pmsvgReply


          • goodkarma

            May 8, 2021 / at 11:17 pm

            Hey Marai! Thanks so much for the recommendation – I’m unfamiliar with him – but a quick look at some of his ideas is a bit off putting at first glance – Most notably his thoughts on suicide which are very punitive – and feel a bit light weight – and his claim that he was the best medium of all time, and no one would surpass him – which sounds more like our last US president, and less like a gifted spiritual teacher 🙂 That said – I will take a closer look at some of his writing – and appreciate you sharing his name with our community.

            “Rulof believed that each human has a certain time to live. When someone commits suicide, they only lose day-consciousness. The silver cord does not break and the suicide remains in the material body. They then experience the body’s rotting. According to Rulof, this pain cannot be compared with any torture on earth. When the body is rotted completely and the skeleton becomes visible, the person walks in an empty world and only sees and hears themselves. When the actual time of death has come, the spirit goes back to the world of the unconscious, or it goes to one of the spheres. For example, when someone commits suicide at the age of 35, and that person had to become 85 years old, they must dwell in an empty world for 50 years. The book The Cycle of the Soul tells the story of Lantos and what he experiences when he commits suicide”

      • Paul

        June 6, 2021 / at 3:11 pmsvgReply

        Nicole de Haas, complete and utterl fraud, praying on peoples vulnerability in times of grief, desperate to contact lost love ones.
        Her spirit voices were a joke, especially Tommy, who does she thinks she’s kidding I nearly puked myself at this one, I truly hope that one day this faker is exposed for the fraud that she is, despicable individual preying on people having a hard time handling grief

      • Taylor

        July 23, 2021 / at 3:59 pmsvgReply


        As the writer of this article, I would recommend that you do more research about Nicole and how she is being of service to the world. She is pretty amazing.

        Out of all the mediums I’ve ever met and had readings with and I’ve had many, she was by far the most advanced. The Spirit world isn’t going to convince people that aren’t ready to believe in what they are capable of doing. It will take time. I would ask that people stay open minded. Her personality doesn’t match that of someone trying to take advantage of people in grief, so the only other option is that she is crazy, but I doubt someone could successfully run a few organizations like that. Plus she speaks with credibility and intelligence if you pay attention. Look up some YouTube interviews of her.

        • Sean Graham

          March 3, 2022 / at 12:18 amsvgReply

          Sorry for replying to such an old thread!

          I think it’s quite easy to run an organisation and be crazy. There are many famous organisation owners that are debatably crazy and the reason they had the balls to get so far and succeed in something that others say is silly, is because they are crazy.
          You can run a country and be crazy, just look at some world leaders and Dictators!
          Your faith in her is admirable but I have to agree here as someone that has carried out many trance sessions myself.
          My voice has never changed in any way apart from volume and tempo. Not even accents have come through in any way different as Spirit have only one tool in their arsenal when it comes to passings messages. That tool is the medium and Spirit will use the smallest energy expenditure possible to preserve the energy of the medium. Any medium will tell you how exhausting this is and spirit know that so will not have you wasting however small an amount of energy to sound like a cockney kid. My own personal opinion is that if I put a voice like that on, spirit would tell me to stop being an over dramatic t**t.
          The biggest problem I have encountered with spirituality is the rubbish that overcomplicates everything and I found this episode to demonstrate how to be an irresponsible spirit worker.

          as was said above about the dark. Its completely rubbish and the only dark and evil is here on earth. Unfortunately we can have the greatest intentions and a true connection with spirit, then we get stuck with the wrong teacher that tells us things that are simply not true and then our natural connection is hampered to such an extent that we now look like a complete fraud because a ‘teacher’ has manipulated something that comes to us naturally.
          I may be wrong but that is my view.
          Speaking with credibility and intelligence is one thing and something any successful fraudster needs to become a successful fraudster in the first place. I’d ask you also to have an open mind and question things.

          • goodkarma

            March 3, 2022 / at 6:19 pm

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective – we appreciate it! I (as one of the folks who manages the content on our community who is the resident “skeptic” on most of these matters) I simply take a much different point of view with all of the comments/feedback and private messages we get with this sort of content – it’s very easy to opine – and share “rules” for how the universe works – how “spirit” works – and how the process works – but a very different thing to demonstrate it working in a way that’s clear, evidential and authentic to all. If spirit communication via physical mediumship (or via voice mediumship) is real – like other real things – it shouldn’t be obscured behind weird rites and rituals – nor should it need to introduce esoteric incantations or other odd and unintuitive obfuscations to reveal itself. All of the performative nonsense ought to be unneccessary – people have genuine experiences that are transformative, life changing and personally evidential all of the time – it’s when involving an external conduit with claims to “specialness” that the process becomes perverted by superficial silliness that’s a bit cringe. (the comments here – and private messages we’ve gotten about this particular medium evidences that fact – more than 90% of the folks who watched that segement were totally turned off)

          • Elena

            April 10, 2022 / at 11:08 pm

            Thank you for sharing your experience with trance mediumship. My paternal grandma was a trance medium and a healer of mainly children. She didn’t need to be bound or sit in the dark. Her guides, a Spanish Catholic nun, and a Congo woman (I can’t recall the names they gave) would provide messages and instructions for medicinal/homeopathic preparations for the ill children that were brought to her. Everyone in the small fishing village loved and respected her. She never charged anyone. She healed many children through these two spirit guides. I will need to ask my father if he remembers any changes in her voice, expression, or mannerism during her trance sessions.
            I also felt disappointed at Nicole Haas’s performance. I have known remarkable mediums who provide details of private moments and thoughts that do not appear on social media. I would also like to say that the world has seen it’s share of greedy, evil, and depraved, people who hide behind charitable acts. The truth eventually comes to Light. Also, I do not understand the need/purpose for ectoplasm. True mediums work with Spirit guides who know exactly what the sitter needs and will provide specific answers and advice.

          • goodkarma

            April 10, 2022 / at 11:17 pm

            Thanks for your comments, Elena! Much appreciate your insight and family experience – sounds fascinating, and would love to hear more about your grandma – and her readings!

  • corinne murray

    February 2, 2021 / at 1:10 pmsvgReply

    Until she did the child’s ridiculous voice she had me. No 9 year old boy speaks like that! The performance was so bad it made me cringe. The way she has the first voice introduce the child the sand both times was cringe.
    If she is a real medium, she isn’t doing herself any favours with that over the top display.

    • goodkarma

      February 2, 2021 / at 6:30 pmsvgReply

      I agree, Corinne! (it was cringe to watch – and running this community – i can tell you, we’ve had a number of others email us to agree) Mostly I’m disappointed in the documentarians – I had heard such great things about the documentary, i’m a fan of Leslie Kean (the author of Surviving Death) – and assumed the mediums segements would be handled with much more intelligence. (for example – you don’t have to believe Joseph Shiel is speaking to the dead per se, but to see him draw who he is seeing while doing a reading – and then seeing the person getting the reading astonished by the resemblance to their loved one – when done well – and when “fraud” is removed from the equation – that’s pretty interesting to both skeptics, and believers alike) But the Nicole De Haas segment(s) reeked of car crash cartoon circus charlatanism of the most embarrassing kind – and it’s hard for me to imagine how anyone didn’t feel that belonged on the cutting room floor. (unless the point was to embarrass the whole operation)

  • goodkarma

    January 29, 2021 / at 10:15 pmsvgReply

    Thanks so much for the comment – I do agree with some of your sentiments above, but in principle, probably disagree a bit with the notion that all folks who are interested in psychic mediumship, or get some benefit from exploring the idea – are at bottom – credulous rubes who may be deriving value solely as a “harmless” balm to alleviate some grief. ( The Ramtha reference is on point – without knowing much about JZ Knight other than some passing youtube episodes – to my eye, she exemplifies the worst in cartoonish grift and sociopathic spirituality – and the notion that anyone takes her seriously, is a deep mystery to me 🙂 That said, I do think there are some folks who do “channeling” or “automatic writing” or similar sorts of processes that may not be transpersonal in origin – but are worth looking exploring. (Ed and Emily Kelly at the University of VA have written extensively in peer reviewed journals about some of the strange phenomena that emanates from these sorts of personalities – including Stigmata and other weird physical effects that feel of a piece, or at least on a spectrum – with what some channelers are doing)

    • Liz Miramont

      March 7, 2021 / at 5:59 pmsvgReply

      Well it was very fake.
      If you have a boy coming and you dont know why her lip was to her side when talking “like a boy” and this so call boy speaks like an adult and is just a scam.
      I didn’t feel it at all.
      Now the other medium Laura Lynn was more simple and genuine and only one saying the clue about hair.
      That been said this Nicole Haas thinks she is a big shot and she’s not.

      • goodkarma

        March 7, 2021 / at 7:43 pmsvgReply

        We agree, Liz! I actually wasn’t that impressed with Laura Lynn Jackson, either – large parts of her readings (on the doc) were generic and very vague, feel goody sorts of statements that had no evidential weight – I do think she’s probably a nicer person, which shines through – but in general, was very disappointed in the mediumship segments on the series.

  • Zonder Reden

    January 29, 2021 / at 2:20 pmsvgReply
  • KlompendansStem

    January 29, 2021 / at 12:43 pmsvgReply

    It’s no different than what J.Z. Knight was doing with the “Ramtha” gig. Interesting anecdote: some time ago, in CA, before a show, J.Z. was caught practising her “ramtha-voice” by her mother, who watched her daughter in bewilderment and some dismay later during the show. But if it helps sad and mourning people to believe in these theatrics, then it’s no different than swallowing a placebo for some ache. And it’s harmless, one might add, as long as the ramtha-character does not provide instructions to kill or maim or serve as a mouthpiece in politics (Ramtha?) And the so-called “channeler” reaps the monetary benefits. Funny how they all speak English, right? Have not met a channeler who has a Dutch-speaking Ramtha or whatever. But wait, I was just now contacted by a spirit! Klompendans wants to talk to you! In Dutch! Tickets for a discount, get ’em now.

    • goodkarma

      January 29, 2021 / at 10:17 pmsvgReply

      Sorry, my comment above was meant to be as a reply to your thoughts – it got misplaced in the comment thread – but appreciate your comments – and the link as well!

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