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‘Surviving Death’ viewers have doubts about whether Dutch medium Nicole de Haas is a fraud or legit. Here’s what we know.

Dutch medium Nicole de Haas has generated a lot of buzz from her appearances on the Netflix smash hit “Surviving Death.”  But has she shown herself to be a legitimate physical medium, or has she revealed herself to be a complete fraud and psychic scam?

We’ve heard from lots of people who have shared different opinions on Nicole de Haas, from being completely convinced she’s a genuine physical medium, to others who thought the show did her no favors in how it portrayed her psychic “gifts”

My reaction in watching the show was quite mixed.  While physical mediumship is in itself a very controversial practice, and while I did find Nicole de Hass quite convincing as a good and sincere person being during the interview segments, I was less impressed with the actual “mediumship” she offered, especially in the segments that covered the different voices/aspects of her physical mediumship.  (the voices to my ear were quite fake and contrived, and to the other people watching with me……the same sense of something being quite cartoonish appeared for all)

Did Nicole de Hass  do “hot reading” on the family featured in the one extended session?  (the mental mediumship demonstration)

I think it’s very difficult to claim someone “cheated” without having actual evidence.  That said, I do think it’s quite telling that the family was quite unimpressed with the session once they saw all of the information available on their respective social media pages (including almost all of the impressive “hits” that seemed quite amazing to see during the reading – only to learn that information was all easily available online)

What do you think about physical mediumship and or Nicole de Haas?  What about the Surviving Death overall?

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