One of my team members just got back to me with extensive research of another of Thomas John’s readings. This time it was three grieving women, Linda M. McCarthy, Beth West, and Tracy Soussi, each of whom lost a son. Soussi is currently Thomas John’s assistant. All three women state that “some” …

We get a lot of questions about psychic medium Thomas John – and thought this article was interesting, if not “evidential” (in the wrong direction 🙂 about the sort of tactics Thomas John may be using in advance of his readings.  We’ve had people tell us that they think Thomas is doing research on his subjects in advance of their readings, and it’s something we’ve always believed was unlikely.   That said, this article seems to suggest he is in fact doing this sort of research (with evidence) and if it’s true…..we find it quite troubling.   Do note – the site in question IS in fact a skeptical reporting site, but that ought not dissuade those of us searching for the truth, to be mindful when that comes in reporting we don’t want to hear.  (Thomas also has quite a checkered background, and that ought to also be part of the conversation when discussing his legitimacy in a controversial field)

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