Light-work can often have a downside.  It is taxing.  It can be draining. It can be frustrating and depressing and often, very lonely work.  Some of the best tips for a new lightworker?  Find a tribe.  Connect with a community.  Don’t go it alone….and don’t fall into the trap that you are strong enough – or “so spiritual” that you ought to have to harbor all of the negative energy and experiences that others foist upon you…..alone.  (we don’t – and you don’t have to either)

Here is a good article on dealing with depression and sadness for emapths.  ( a very common trait of the “bodhisattva” personality type)

If you’re looking at how to enhance your connection to your own natural gifts, discover your “dharma” and vibe with our tribe of luminous light workers, heroic healers and inspirational intuitive’s around the world, join our free light workers workshop, immediately below.

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