Hi Dear Friend,So many changes have happened since I last wrote to you. As you may know, I had a life-changing vision of Jesus on January 7, 2017 that caused me to walk away from the new age. I wrote about this experience in my new book, The Joy of Jesus, which is available as a free download a…..

Doreen Virtue has been on the most famous, well known and highly sought out voices in the “New Age” movement for quite some time.  So many people were dismayed (and shocked) to hear of her recent decision to renounce her previous books, products, programs, content and courses that had made her famous….and begin a new path dedicated to a firm commitment to Biblical scripture instead.    We’ve received quite a few questions about this from our readers….and my own thoughts are – good for her!  Everyone much choose their own path to follow in this world, and while I don’t believe in her interpretation of scripture (and discounting of “New Age” experiences) the truth is, we’re all just finding our way home, and everyone needs to find the right path for them.  No one owns the truth – we’re all merely doing our best to find it – through the signs and guideposts that appear in our lives.  The real challenge is trying to find and filter wisdom through the experiences of others, and allowing others to foist their own discovered insights – and universal truths.   What about you?  Does Doreen Virtue deciding to renounce her “Angelic” experiences in the spirit of a more fundamental Christianity bother you?  If so…..tell us about on FB, or in the community comments below.

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