For all of the empaths, – the lightworkers, helpers, healers, heroes and spiritual seekers – you are valued, you are appreciated, we do see you and we will all get through this crazy, hazy time together. If you are feeling like you are navigating this time alone – you are loved, cared for and protected. Reach out if you need a hand (or a hug) 🙂

And what does it even MEAN to be a light worker in the first place?

Do you hear that phrase and wonder a bit what it even means?

Do you find yourself secretly envious of people who have TRULY turned their life purpose and sense of personal passion into a profitable business or spiritual service that not only HELP people heal…..but also allows YOU to do what you LOVE for a living?

The truth is, as someone who works with tons and tons of purposeful, passionate and POWERFUL people in the spiritual services industry, I can tell you from first hand experience that most of them have NO more “skill” than YOU do.

The big thing that “light workers” do uniquely well is simple. They have a unique ability to get hyper clear, and ferociously focused on their message, motivation and ultimately….their mission.

There is truly no substitute for being resolutely committed to your life purpose and plan, and if your energies are aligned with spiritual service and offering others help, healing and HOPE, the universe will truly conspire to see that you succeed.

I want to give you a few simple strategies that you can immediately use to get hyper clear on what you are here to do….and a simple step by step process for discovering your “dharma” while you go, grow and flow in the direction of both your destiny…and your dreams.

First, answer these 5 simple “outward” facing quiz questions about HOW you are going to put your passion and purpose into a powerful professional context.

They certainly aren’t “mine” or unique to me, but instead……really well worn and wonderful ways that people of passion can find inspiration, and illumination in how they are meant to serve.

A quick note:

Before we continue, understand this to be true as well. There are MANY light workers in the world that do what they love for free…….or simply serve without any monetary motivation at all. These people are pure souls and I know and love many of them.

However, this article is meant for those of us who want to turn what we LOVE into a meaningful business of spiritual service – one that allows us to work in the world, and feed our families, and enjoy personal prosperity while empowering those around us who need what we know as well.

Here is the quiz that every light worker should ask of themselves. This WILL help you get hyper clear, and ferociously focused on not only WHAT You do, but why you do it, and how what you do can transform the world for the better to boot.

  • 1 – WHO are you?
    2 – What do you do?
    3- Who do you do it for?
    4 – What do they NEED?
    5 – How do their lives change when you do what you do BEST for them?

The truth is, this 5 question life purpose quiz not only transformed my own life in wonderful ways that I can’t even begin to describe here, they are the very same 5 questions that I now have all of our professional spiritual service members in our community answer, to help THEM get hyper clear on how their unique gifts are best suited to serve the world.

I promise you this…..

IF you truly crave contribution to a community of people who needs what you know, and you feel in your bones that you were BORN with a particular purpose, passion and plan, there is no better way to embody this than through spiritual service and in spreading love, learning and LIGHT to those that need you, and your god given gifts, the most.

What about you?

Share your answers to the 5 clarity questions above, or simply tell us who you are and why you LOVE doing what you do so well!

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