How to Become a Psychic Medium: The ONE Experience That Opens Up a World of Spirit

How do I become a medium?

How can I become more psychic, more attuned to spirit and more aware of my loved ones on the other side?

We get a ton of questions from folks who are looking to develop their own psychic and spiritual communication abilities, and there are many different tools, tips and even “technologies” that teachers in the spiritual growth space like to offer as a gateway to the divine.

The truth is, there is no single life experience that’s MORE powerful for opening up the world of “spirit” than having an Near Death Experience. Some of the most compelling features of NDE’s are the amazing after-effects that seem to transform experiencers from “ordinary” people into extra-ordinarily gifted psychic seers, and spiritual adventurer’s, with on demand access to the wonderful world that awaits.

It’s interesting to consider just how many people who have had NDE’s report having enhanced psychic functioning thereafter. What exactly is happening? Is it a brain blip or a change in the neurochemistry of the brain that creates a mirage of mediumship? OR, is there a real opening into the magical and mysterious world of spirit that appears after one gets a taste of what awaits on the otherside?

“I knew that if I went around that corner on the pathway, I could stay with my daddy forever. But my dad stopped me and said without physically speaking a word, ‘You need to go back. It’s not your time yet.’

“I was sad, but obeyed him. I understood that I had to leave this wonderful place. Before I left, I saw lines of people. They were gay and straight, different colours, different religions, some were handicapped, some very young, and some who old.

“These people were all holding hands, showing love and forgiveness towards one another.”

Another fascinating story of psychic abilities emanating from an NDE.

This woman had a close call with death on a plane, and within days of her NDE, she found a whole new world of spirit and intuition available to explore.

Ten years ago, while flying with my three young children, the oxygen masks suddenly dropped out of the overhead cabinets. Somehow, inexplicably, the cabin’s air system had malfunctioned. The masks—rubbery, unwelcome, unholy things—dangled before us.

With difficulty, I got the masks on myself and my kids, my infant screaming as I pressed it over her face. In the seats nearby, the other passengers stared from behind their masks, frantic with shock and terror.

From my own mouth emerged a stream of sound—I heard myself crying “Hail Mary,” “Our Father”—those old, unused prayers now issuing from my lips. It was an emergency and I was calling on God.

In the movies, people see their life pass before their eyes. That didn’t happen to me. But what I did understand in that minute was this: I’d had an amazing life. If this was the end, then I was full, brimming, replete with this life that I’d lived. I was overcome with gratitude.

Here are some comprehensive after-effects of having an NDE from IANDS.  (the international association of after death studies)  One of the most common after-effects reported?  Of course!  Psychic abilities, increased awreness of spiritual dimensions and all kinds of crazy cool spiritual experiences that only true NDE’rs can understand.

  • There’s no denying that experiencers become quite intuitive afterward. Psychic displays can be commonplace, such as: out-of-body episodes, manifestation of “beings” met in near-death state, “remembering” the future, finishing another’s sentence, “hearing” plants and animals “speak.” This behavior is not only worrisome to relatives and friends, it can become frightening to them. A person’s religious beliefs do not alter or prevent this amplification of faculties and stimuli. Yet, experiencers willing to learn how to control and refine these abilities, consider them beneficial.

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