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What is the best way to find a psychic medium near me? Should I use a psychic directory? Should I look on Google? Should I try Yelp…..or, am I better off trying to ask family, friends or other psychic “junkies” who know best?

local mediums near meWe get more questions about finding local psychic mediums, than anything else. People are curious but not convinced. They are skeptical, cynical, and yet desperate for answers. Or, like many of us, they are true blue believers who are seeking out their next best psychic or spiritual experience to confirm what they already believe.

We asked our community of professional psychic mediums, over 15000 weekly readers and subscribers, and our large and engaged Facebook community for YOUR best tips for discovering local mediums, and some of their suggestions may surprise you.

1. Ask family and friends first. The truth is, there is no better “testimonial” for a professional medium who is really GOOD, than that of a friend, co-worker, family member or neighbor who recommends them. Everyone has traumatic experiences in life, and we’ll all lose people we love. Seeking out the advice of a medium is MUCH more common than you’d think, and some of the people who have done so (and can recommend a good one) will surprise you. (and you’ll never know….unless you ask) Don’t assume that your close network of friends will “laugh” if you ask if they can recommend a medium. This is the #1 way to find mediums near you who are accurate, experienced and under the radar as well.

2. Search a directory like Yelp BEFORE you search a psychic medium directory. Why? Because YELP has a much more front facing “reviews” policy. Yelp doesn’t with-hold bad reviews, or only publish GOOD reviews, like many psychic medium directories unfortunately now do. We’ve had far too many readers (people in the public) tell us they’ve had TERRIBLE experiences with local mediums they’ve found on high profile psychic directories that claim to feature the “best mediums” or “certified mediums” only to have terrible experiences that have cost them lost of money. The truth is, while many of these communities mean well or have good intentions, they are FOR PROFIT enterprises that charge fees to “feature” mediums as recommended, or certified or “best of”

3. Go to local MEETUPS that focus on psychic development and spiritual growth. I’ve made some great friends in my local community doing this, including some of the most gifted, talented and eerily accurate psychic mediums in the world…..and I say that having met plenty of “famous mediums” doing work publishing content and communities (like this one!) in the spiritual and psychic development space. Many of the mediums you’ll meet at these groups don’t do professional readings, but instead……are well known locally to work events, or do private readings for friends, family and close confidants in the spiritual circle. (often revolving around the meetup community)

4. Join a Spiritualist Church! Believe it or not, you can get free medium readings in many Spiritualist churches and organizations every weekend around the globe…and yet, most folks never step foot in this sort of Church or establishment. We’ve had some great experiences doing just that, and while it can be hit or miss…..some of the most respected mediums in the world are active members of Spiritualist organizations, and often do “free” readings from the stage during services as well.

What about you? how do you find mediums near you? Do you use any of the approaches above…..or, do you have a secret strategy you’d love to share with OUR community. Visit us on FB to connect, or leave your thoughts in the community comments section below.

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