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Kim Russo and Dr. Oz

Who else noticed that President Trump nominated Dr. Oz to serve on his health and wellness advisory panel last week? (I THINK that was the news…’s pretty hard to keep track of what’s happening in this administration these days on an hour to hour basis, but i’m pretty sure I saw this announced over the weekend)

I wonder if he’ll name Theresa Caputo, Tyler Henry, John Edward or Kim Russo to his “future predictions” advisory board sometime soon as well! 😉

Here was a great recap of Kim Russo on the Dr. Oz show – i’ve always loved that Dr. Oz brings some credibility to the psychic and spiritual scene, as his own practice (as a long time meditator) has no doubt, opened his mind to the reality of all sorts of experiences many medical professionals shun.

Check out Kim Russo reviews, books and events here.

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  • Gail

    July 2, 2019 / at 3:48 pmsvgReply

    How do I find out what each number means

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    Kim Russo and Dr. Oz

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