What happens between lives? Is there any evidence or body of experiences that talks about what happens AFTER we die, but before we’re “re-born” into a new body, a new lifetime and a new set of human experiences?

There are a lot of people who describe incredible NDE’s and then go on to describe incredible experiences BETWEEN lifetimes as well – something that is little discussed, yet very interesting to explore. Dr. Michael Newton has been a pioneer in this area, and his books on regressing people to between lifetime experiences, has been astonishing in what it may reveal.

(of course many people don’t like to consider the notion of reincarnation at all – and Dr. Newton discusses how much of what we may seem to “want” may actually manifest in how our spiritual journey unfolds after this life ends)

What do you believe about life after death? Have you had a life between life experience? Share with us on FB or in the community comments below.

Or – continue to explore some other articles and opinions on life between lives, at some of the articles below.


lare tells me it’s worth investigating what could have caused the dermatitis on my scalp. I focus, picturing myself being chased through a forest as a Native American. I imagine this has something to do with the word scalp, because I’m soon shot and scalped by whoever was chasing me.

So that’s presumably my dermatitis cured.

Finally, I’m given the choice between exploring “the place we go when we die” or life on another planet. Despite feeling very much like I might now be on a hidden camera show, I choose the second option. However, it seems my mind has given up; even my subconscious can’t be bothered to come up with descriptive answers to Clare’s questions.

What do my feet look like? Small.

What do my legs look like? Small.

What do my arms look like? I haven’t got any.


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