What happens during a life review? Does everyone who has a near death experience have one? What are the common elements of life review experiences?

Do we really re-live our lives before we die? Do all of our memories come flooding back during a NDE? What about love? How common are experiences of deep, powerful and profound love during life review experiences?

There are a lot of really persuasive cases of life review experiences, which tend to support the idea that how you actually LIVE your life, plays a really powerful role in how you die. (or at least, how you perceive of your life, at the moment of your death)

Let’s look at some of what people who have had near death experiences, describe, about their own life review.

Some common elements of the life review are described in the near death site, below:

While in the presence of the Being of Light during a life review, it is impossible to lie to yourself or to others or to the Light. In the Light, there is no place for secrets to hide. But it is not God who judges us after we die. The purpose for the life review is strictly for education, enlightenment and spiritual growth. In the presence of the Being of Light, some people may judge or condemn or punish themselves. There is no judgment except the judgment we might level at ourselves and even this we shouldn’t do. God’s standard is pure love and our lives will be compared to this standard in the light of God. Pure love is serving God and others without having self-centered motives for doing so. The life review is the perfect experience for the Being of Light to reveal to people how they have measured up to this standard and their mission in life. The following is a list of characteristics of the Being of Light during life reviews. Sometimes the Being of Light is accompanied with other light beings and for this reason the so-called “Being of Light” will be referred to as “they.”


How can you make sure that YOUR life review is one you’ll look forward to experiencing?

This to us, feels like the question each of us should be asking in our day to day lives, and the sort of attitude that will lead to profound changes now, even if we haven’t had an NDE 🙂

More compassion, more connection, more caring and more community ought to be what we strive for NOW, as regardless of what you believe about life, death and the afterlife, these feel like qualities we can all agree are good ones.

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