What makes one psychic medium REAL, and another one not?  Does it all come down to ability?  Are some mediums just super superior over his or her peers, or is there more at play that goes into it?  And why does one medium get SUCH a great response from one subset of their clients, and yet another…..has a reading and walks out thinking, what the heck just happened?

Does that make everyone whose had a reading from that medium in the past gullible, or just willing to believe a bunch of BS, or, is it possible, that the quality of the session, could have something to do with your actual psychic connection with the person doing the reading itself?

Here is something I’ve learned in my own experience watching many considered “world class mediums”  work and what I’ve learned from their HITS, as well as their many misses.


The BIGGEST secret about psychic abilities, amongst those that “know” is this:

It’s all about connection. And much like some people feel a “pull” towards a certain type of mate… or are attracted to a particular kind of person, or even prefer one kind of movie star over another, EVERYTHING is about your UNIQUE emotional energy, your karma, your history… and the ambiance of attraction between people, places and things.

I know it sounds a bit new age… but it’s really true. In psychic studies, done by REAL scientists in University settings, people who are religious, for example… connect better with religious psychics or mediums. People who are more new age, or universal energy types… connect better with readers who are ALSO new age, and believe in the same sort of stuff. They’ve even found that ARTISTS… are more inclined to get accurate readings from other artists, martial arts and yoga aficionados tend to get more accurate readings from those who practice the same disciplines as well.

Want to know the SHOCKING part about the above?

Many times… the people participating in these studies don’t KNOW that they have similar beliefs, or interests. In other words, somehow… on some level, the energy we ALL have has an INTELLIGENCE… and simply flows to, and is most OPEN to those that share the same passions.

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