Q:  What is Your Super Power?

I  have several super powers but I’d say the ones people have mentioned most are:

  1. My ability to see people: I have a keen ability to see people. To see them to the core of who they are, to see beyond the fear, the masks, the hurt, the trauma, the stories they tell themselves. I see them at their core level.

  2. My ability to put people at ease: I have a way of putting people at ease. A natural warmth and ability to help people to feel comfortable right away.

Q:  What has been the defining moment of your life?


I’d say learning I was a psychic-medium was definitely a defining moment in my life. It’s kind of funny how it happened. A few years ago one of my brides, (I become friends with a lot of my brides), asked me if I’d go with her to see a psychic. I’d never been to one before but I was totally open to it so I said “sure”. I thought maybe the psychic could connect my husband at the time and his father together (he died, when my ex-was 11 years old) and I wanted to support my friend.

She had been questioning her job and wanted some answers on what she should do.  She had climbed the corporate ladder and gotten really far and then had a baby. Then all she wanted to do is stay home with her baby. So she was really struggling with what to do, so she made an appointment and when the time came, we went.

So we ran through Starbucks, doesn’t everyone drink Starbucks when they’re going to see a psychic? Haha.  She went first, she got her answers and then it was my turn. The first thing he said to me is that you are really gifted and your river runs deep and I just laughed and said “well, if I am, I don’t know how to turn on the switch,” I kinda of blew it off. I got what I had come for, he connected me to my father-in-law that I’d never met, I was totally suffice with that.

My friend, on the other hand, was not, she didn’t love what he had to say so she decided she wanted a second opinion. So she called a woman up, a different psychic, and asked to schedule a meeting with her. While on the phone, the woman says to her you need to tell your friend and her husband to come see me because I can help. So my friend tells me this and let’s just say, I was a little shocked but curious, so I called her up myself and set up an appointment for my husband and I. We went in to see her and she definitely connected him to his father, I think she gave him a lot of peace, which I’m grateful to her for.

I didn’t ask for a reading or want one so I was just there to support him but she turns to me and says you are really gifted and you need to come to my class on Tuesday nights. I thought “that’s weird the other guy just said that too” and once again I ignored it. Apparently, I need to hear things 3 times before I get the message. Lol

About a month later my uncle had died unexpectedly and I decided I wanted to have a session for myself. He’s was a Vietnam Vet, a Purple Heart recipient and I knew he’d struggled with depression ever since. I just wanted to know that he was okay, that he was at peace. So I set up my session in January of 2015 and once again, she connected me to my uncle, told me I was going to be an amazing life coach, and said to me once again, although this time much more insistent, “you are really gifted and you need to come to my class on Tuesday nights, I know you think I’m b.s.ing you but it’s true!” So I said “Fine!” I’ll come to your class!

So a couple weeks later I went to her class and found out it was true, I’m a psychic and a medium and since that day I’ve worked on developing my gifts. I became a human sponge soaking up any and all of the information I could get my hands on. It took me about a year for me to finally come, but I’m out, and it is an honor to be able to share these gifts and help hearts heal. Now I use my gifts in my coaching, my channeling, and sessions, it’s incredible and I still can’t believe it some days?! I have no idea of how I got here, but I’m here. #mindblown

Q:  Who are your heroes?


Oprah, Ellen, Obama, Brene Braun, Louise Hay, Martin Luther King, Frida Kahlo


Q: What was your first spiritual experience?


As a child and teen I was always drawn to spiritual type stuff crystals, tarot cards, even at one point in my teens I messed around with the Ouija board (oops).

I think I was in 8th grade and my friend and I decided we’d try to connect with her mom. She lost her mom to cancer at a very young age. We thought maybe we could reach her through the Ouija board. Now that I think about it I don’t even know how I learned about the Ouija board, weird. I’ll never forget that moment though, it sure felt real.

We connected to her mom and she answered questions for us that only my friend knew The answer to.  My friend burst into tears and felt a sense of peace having spoken to her mom. I have no idea what we we’re doing that day, I don’t even know if what we did was right? But that was one of the first that I can remember of my first spiritual experiences.

I was always fascinated with ghosts, vampires, witches, goddesses, mermaids, unicorns, anything mystical, mythical and magical really. I didn’t really become aware of my gifts after my Spiritual Awakening.

Q: What books have you read that inspire you?


  • Anything + Everything Brene Braun

  • The Daily Love by Mastin Kipp

  • The Art of Asking Amanda Palmer

  • Anything + Everything Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer have written

  • Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

  • Anything Rhonda Britten of Fearless Living has written

  • Money A Love Story: Kate Northrup

  • You Are A Badass at Making Money Jen Sincero

  • Jump by Steve Harvey

  • Celebrating Partnership by Alison Armstrong

  • Understanding Women + Understanding Men by Alison Armstrong

  • Fire Starter Sessions + The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

  • What I know For Sure Oprah

  • Anything + Everything by Gabrielle Bernstein

  • A Return To Love Marianne WIlliamson

  • Your Creative Soul by Caroline Myss

  • Advanced Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss

  • Weight loss for People Who Feel Too Much Colette Baron-Reid

  • The Big Leap Gay Hendricks

  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

  • Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert

  • These are just a few of my favorite things… I have too many to mention

Q: What challenges have you faced to get where you are today?


Laurie Marie Psychic

Laurie Marie

Ha! What haven’t I faced, let’s see… So one of my very first memories is being 3 years old standing in front of our big bay window in a little town that I was born in New Holstein, Wisconsin.  I remember standing in the window crying and holding my butt. When my mother asked me what was wrong I didn’t say anything and when she pulled down my pants, my bottom was black and blue. Apparently, my babysitter had beaten my ass, that was my first experience of challenge.


Growing up I had a hard time using my voice and standing for myself so I got picked on a lot by boys and in some cases ended up in situations I didn’t want to be in because I didn’t know how to use my voice. I was more afraid of them being mad at me or getting angry with me then I was to speak up and speak what was true for me.

Then from age 5 to 7 years old, I was being molested by two of my extended families relatives. I believe this is what opened me up to my sexuality at an early age. I started having sex by the time I was 12 or 13 and by 15 years old I met a boy and fell in love and by 16 I was pregnant. We were together for 4 years and then he bailed and left me to raise our son by myself.

He played the system and got away with not paying any child support, he still owes over $52,000 in back child support to this day, heck he still owes on the birth and my son is 23 now. lol Due to the financial struggle that we endured, often times we lived in some rather crappy apartments, we moved over twenty times, often because Midwest winters can be brutal and we’d end up with owing thousands on the heating bill.

One of our many moves brought me to a not-so-great neighborhood where my upstairs neighbor tried to rape. It happened in my bathroom and my son saw it happen, as a result, I gained 100lbs over the course of a year and struggled with body image issues up until about 4 years ago when I had my Spiritual Awakening.

Yes, there have been a lot of struggles. There have also been some pretty big wins, in 2007 I built a business from the ground-up I started with nothing and I grew it into an almost six-figure business.

After going through my divorce this year and moving my entire life across the country I started over again, pretty much with nothing and I’m building it back up. I’m not sad about it though, I’m looking at it as an opportunity to build something new, to build a delicious life with a rock solid foundation from which I can build upon.

I’ve come to believe that the things that have happened to me actually have happened for me. Even though much of these things have been rather painful, I’m able to look at them now as prerequisites for the work that I do now. It’s why I have so much compassion, empathy, and understanding and the ability to lift others up. Everything I’ve gone through has made me who I am and everything I’ll continue to go through will make me even stronger. I know I can accomplish anything, I know I meant to do this work.

Q: What do you love? Who does it serve? How do your words and your work change the world?


I love helping women celebrate themselves and empower themselves, I’ve been doing it my whole life. It started when I was about 5 years old I tried taking my dad’s deck of nudie cards to school with me for showing tell and when my mom busted me I told her “I just want to show everybody the pretty ladies”.

Fast forward to college I did a fine art project for my senior show called “The Beauty of Women” where I photographed over 50 women ages 18 to 80 using a transfer process with polaroids. Showcasing “The Beauty of Women”. I photographed women of all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes each one unique, each one beautiful.

In 2007 I started my photography business & I continued to celebrate women through the lens. I was a boudoir photographer so for over a decade helping inspire and empower women through photography.


In celebrating them it helped heal me. At the time I was not loving myself or my body but it felt good to help them feel that way. Fast forward to today I’ve taken my photography, coaching, and spiritual gifts and using them to help women learn to love themselves, allow themselves to be seen, help them learn how to tap into their intuition and learn to trust it. I help remove the blocks that get in the way of them living their dreams and help guide them to bring their gifts out into the world. All of my life I’ve been trying to show the world the beauty of women and most importantly the beauty within themselves so they have the confidence to trust themselves and to share their gifts with the world. I find this immensely important to the world because we’re too afraid to show ourselves and if we don’t show ourselves then we’re not serving and the world needs us now.

Q:  What would people be most surprised to learn about you?


Let’s see I love coffee, I love to sing and dance (not gifted in either, don’t care). I love to paint, style, photography, I used to think I could be a mermaid, like as a job and then wanted to be a vet until I found out there’d be blood and guts involved.

I get along with just about anyone, I love tacos my boyfriend and I ate them every Tuesday, yes every Tuesday, but we live in Southern California so it’s ok. My partner is in this amazingly creative wrestling show that he & his brother created called Super Awesome Showdown and he’s teaching me how to wrestle. Never thought I’d be wrestling.lol

All and all I’m pretty normal. I love to travel, amazing food, an amazing company and I have a  great appreciation for the little things, what else is there in life?


Q: What do you believe, that other people would think is crazy?


Warning: (may be triggering for some) I believe that the things that have happened to us have actually happened for us and they are experiences we are meant to learn and grow from so we can go out and help others in the world. A prerequisite of sorts for the work we are to do in the world to help others. I believe that when we heal ourselves and then help others heal, that’s how the world gets better. It all starts with us.


Q: Tell us your favorite spiritual experience.


I wouldn’t say it was the first but it was definitely the most significant, my journey to Bali, Indonesia in November of 2015. I had been flipping through Instagram 1 day and came across a post from The Daily Love and I thought huh that sounds like something I would follow. I hit follow and then forgot about it but a few days later I found myself at a Barnes & Nobles and low and behold there was that same logo, The Daily Love, I was like OMG that was that thing from Instagram! I bought the book and a few days later I started reading it. I got about three chapters in and thought “I really like his story”, him meaning Mastin Kipp. I liked him so much I decided to go check out his website and see what he was all about. While scrolling through his site I saw a tab that said Enter The Heart Retreat Bali and I thought what is this?


I clicked on the tab and watch the video and the only way I can describe it is as if something had grabbed my heart and was pulling me towards it! I sobbed through the entire video and felt like I was meant to be there. Although I didn’t see how it was possible… that year I had invested over $50,000 in my education and it was all out of pocket so I thought there was no way that I could possibly make it happen. But it wouldn’t go away it kept coming up in my inbox, my dreams, my meditations. So I decided I’d just apply and I thought we’ll just see how much it is. So I  applied and got asked to set up a call with Jenna, Mastin’s girlfriend. She does all of the enrollment calls. You see it’s important for them to make sure everyone’s a good fit because at that workshop you’re sharing some of the deepest most intimate parts of yourself.


A few days later, Jenna and I had an amazing call, I clicked with her right away. She said, “we do retreats all the time but I really feel like your energy is meant to be here”. And I told her “Jenna everything in my soul is telling me to be there but the reality between my soul and my bank account is very different.” So she said I understand and what I do in situations like this is I get on my meditation pillow and I say ok God, Universe, if you want me to do this, show me how.

So we hung up and that’s exactly what I did and what I heard back was two things.  1. Create an e-book about what you already know and  2.Go Fund Me.  Now when I heard Go Fund me I thought “oh hell no!” “People are just going to think I’m trying to get a free vacation.” But then I heard “No if you share your story and come from the heart people will show up.”


So I sat on it for a few days and then realized what am I doing? “I just called 911 and asked for help and now I’m not going to go?” I had to try. So one Sunday night back in November of 2015 I sat down and wrote out my story. I cried most of the way through but I finished it, took a big breath and hit send. It was probably one of the most terrifying things I’d ever done but thankfully I had just got done reading the book, “The Art of Asking” and I think that gave me a little extra courage.  In the art of asking Amanda Palmer talks about how humans want to help but we have to be willing to ask. So that’s what I did and within 10 minutes I had my first donation and within one week I had enough to get me to Bali. The rest of the workshop I was able to pay off myself somehow I still have no idea how but I did and I made it to Bali.


Now to give you some context of the timing of all this…  From the day I wrote my story to the time I left for Bali was 15 days. I remember sitting on the plane heading to Bali feeling overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and love for all of those who showed up for me, for those who helped me get there and excitement for what was to come. Although I had absolutely no clue as to what was about to happen next!


Now, I thought the reason I was going to Bali was to get clear on where I was going next in business. I had just finished a rigorous 1-year coaching program through Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living Institute and I wanted to figure out how I was going to combine and transition my photography and coaching into a new business.  Yes, I thought I had it all figured out, [insert eye roll]. That is so not why I went to Bali at all!


The divine had something much bigger planned! So while Bali was beautiful and amazing and I met so many wonderful people and I am forever grateful to those who helped me get there, it was also heart-wrenching. The truth is at Enter The Heart I realized that I’d been in an unhealthy relationship for over a decade, there had been subtle emotional abuse going on and I also realized that my husband at the time may have mental illness. Prior to Bali, I had on rose colored glasses and during Bali, I finally was able to take them off and see what was really happening.


So I went back home and had a conversation with my husband at the time and he didn’t think there was a problem so I moved out for one month. He then decided he’d get help so from March through July we tried working on our marriage and he worked on himself but at the end of the day I felt as though our soul contract was up. I’d given all that I had for so long and I had no more to give but I didn’t want to leave from a place of anger, hurt, bitterness or resentment, so I made a conscious effort to leave from a loving place, some call it conscious uncoupling.


He didn’t want any of it but I knew it was the right decision for me. So from July until October, I spent time working through all of my emotions. Earlier, in February of 2016, one of the women I met in Bali hired me to come to LA to shoot her Boudoir session and from the moment I landed, I knew I was meant to be in California. Which I still find funny since I’d never planned on being in California ever but here I was knowing that that’s where I was headed.


So I set an intention that when I left in October after my last wedding of the year that I wanted to feel completely untied energetically to my husband and that’s exactly what I did. I felt all feels, worked through all my emotions and when I left in October I left from a place of love. I left everything behind I didn’t take anything which put me in financial strain but I knew it was the right thing.


My intuition told me that all I needed was what I could fit in my car so that’s exactly what I did. On my 3 Day drive out to California I declared to the universe that I wanted to have delicious experiences and I wanted to go to California with an open heart and an open mind and eventually meet a man whose eyes sparkled like Marvin Gaye.lol I met him 10 days later and we’ve been together ever since and that was almost a year ago and now the two of us are moving to LA in October. I have no idea what’s next for me and I don’t care. What I do know is that when you get an intuitive, YES and you take the leap, the universe will rise up to greet you.


Some final thoughts from us…..

Thanks so much to Laurie Marie for such an honest, authentic and genuine conversation, and for sharing life experiences that many in the “spiritual” helping and healing spaces so often ignore.  In my own experience, some of the wisest and most inspirational “souls” are molded and shaped by extraordinary hardships and challenges, and it can take copious amounts of courage to reveal the places and spaces we’ve been, in our darkest hours.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of people in the spiritual growth spaces over the last few years as part of this amazing, eclectic and inspirational community of transformational teachers, holistic healers, inspirational architects, luminous light workers, blogging bodhisattva’s and ethereal explorers, and I’m always the most impressed with those who share freely, with no pretense or posture, in the service of spiritual growth and serving others.  I believe that Laurie is a great example of this – and we encourage you, if you are equally as inspired,  to check out her links below!



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