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Now Reading: Does Prayer Work? Why Athletes Pray (and Why You Might Want to Start!)


Does Prayer Work? Why Athletes Pray (and Why You Might Want to Start!)

Does praying work?

A fascinating article on the the power of prayer citing some of the amazing and inspiring work of Dr. Andrew Newberg on how praying changes the body and brain. Especially interesting is how prayer can be even more impactful on performance than meditation, mindfulness or visualization exercises alone. What do you believe? Is prayer a good way of getting into the zone, or finding your flow? Or, does praying REALLY tap into something bigger than the body, and give you access to divine guidance and support as well?

When believers pray, something happens in their brains that actually makes them better athletes.
Neuroscientist Andrew Newberg, direc­tor of research at Thomas Jefferson Univer­sity Hospital’s Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, has spent a large portion of his career studying the effects of religious faith on our mental hardware. “When you pray, it changes your brain,” he says.
In his research, Newberg found that prayer allowed his subjects to more ­quickly and ­efficiently achieve flow, that coveted state of mind most commonly described as being “in the zone.” During flow, a cascade of neurochemicals descend into the brain, including dopamine (which regulates pleasure), serotonin (which reduces stress), and norepinephrine (which activates the fight-or-flight response). The brain also undergoes electrical changes.

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One Comment:

  • lulu333

    August 29, 2017 / at 9:09 amsvgReply

    I am not a big sports fan, but I feel Dr. Newberg’s findings are quite accurate. How many times has an athlete made the sign of the cross before throwing a pitch?Or praised God orJesus after winning the Super Bowl or the World’s series? Many , many times that I have observed.Now please don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that GOD( whoever HE may be for you) is just this great coach in the sky.But having faith in a higher, greater power,can give you the courage to do and face anything. Whatever the outcome.That is the power of prayer…
    I have a plaque that reads; FAITH does not make things easy.It makes them possible..
    This may not be a” political correctness” topic.Especially in THIS forum.But, since you posed this question, this is my own personal view on this topic.I also KNOW, since I suffered a great loss over four years ago and I turned my back on my own beliefs,and sought my answers else where,I have paid the price…..

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    Does Prayer Work? Why Athletes Pray (and Why You Might Want to Start!)

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