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Can a psychic help me find true love? Can a psychic reading help me find my soulmate? And if yes….what are the best questions to ask a psychic to find out who i’m going to marry?

psychic love advice for soulmatesAny of these questions sound familiar? Many people turn to psychics for love, romance and relationship advice and tend to “trust” a psychic to tell them how (and who) we ought to proceed with our romantic adventures. T

he truth is, we tend to be a bit more skeptical of psychic readings that are very love oriented, as they tend to be LESS “evidential” and more entertainment oriented than you’d get from seeing a medium who can give you “proof” that what they are seeing is unique and relevant to you. (and doesn’t apply to EVERYONE in some loose way, which most relationship readings tend to do – even when a psychic offers up initials, or seems to identify the type of person you’d like to marry, meet, or fall in love with as well.)

That doesn’t mean, of course, that relationship readings are a bad idea! As long as you don’t wrap yourself too tightly in what you hear, a romantic reading or a love psychic session, can be fun, inspiring and a light hearted way to get clear on your own intuition around what sort of partner would be ideal for you.

The easiest way to get a soulmate reading or a psychic reading to discover your “karmic” connection?

  1. Ask
  2. Listen
  3. Receive
  4. Believe

Like so many other challenges in our lives, when it comes to falling in love or meeting “the one” the biggest issue many of us face is we don’t ask.  And we don’t listen.  Or if we DO ask and listen……we don’t BELIEVE what we receive.  This is often a function of being too busy living our lives….that we can’t slow down enough to let the messages that are truly meant for us, come through clear enough, and loud enough for us to take action on them.  This is why a psychic love reading will be worthless to you, unless you actually BELIEVE what you receive.  (of course, always keep an open mind, but take care not to let your brains fall out either 🙂  Never follow advice blindly unless it speaks to your soul.


Check out the short article below about one reporters experience with psychic readings for love, including one with well known NYC medium Thomas John.

Jennifer Lopez turns to one for career advice, Cameron Diaz asks hers about love. Angelina Jolie uses one to contact her late mother. What do these A-list celebrities have in common? They all turn to psychics to answer life’s big questions. Like a coveted Birkin bag, psychics are the hottest, must-have accessory in Hollywood, and increasingly, women of all walks of life are turning to a higher power for guidance.

New: Twin flame & spiritual soulmate readings. Start free.

Every psychic has a different method—some use tarot cards for example– but essentially, they tap into supernatural energy. Some psychics say they hear messages, while others visually see things. Mediums also specialize in communicating with people who have died (or “crossed over”) and relaying messages from beyond. Personally, I’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural. Whether it was rocking mood rings, playing Ouija board or attempting magic tricks, mysticism and paranormal activity has intrigued me since childhood. As an adult, I no longer try to fly like David Copperfield but I’ll still scroll through my horoscope on Astrology Zone or The Astro Twins and call my psychic, Sandra Logan, a few times a year.

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