Are cheap psychic readings accurate? How much is a good price for an inexpensive psychic reading? Are cheap “medium readings” less likely to be real, or good, or even honest? If not….why not?

We get a fair amount of questions about the cost of medium readings. Some people want to know how much is TOO much, and that is the pretty obvious question that most would expect. But the surprising thing is, we also get a lot of questions about cheap psychic readings, and whether or not an inexpensive, or low cost reading is a sign of a scam, or a lower quality reader overall.

I say… depends! And the truth is, we often recommend inexpensive, or “cheap” psychic medium readings, especially to folks who have paid a lot in the past for higher rated, or reviewed mediums, but have had a bad experience, or a disappointing experience, and simply can’t afford to repeat the same mistake again, but do want to have another reading. (this comes up VERY often – as even mediums we’ll list here – who may charge 200-300 for a reading, are NOT as accurate or evidential as the person paying for the reading hoped, and there is all sorts of buyers remorse afterwards – where the client wants to give it another shot, but can’t afford a high priced psychic or medium, even one that appears to be “legitimate”based on reviews)

Why we love cheap readings: 🙂

1. They’re cheap! (duh! 🙂 There is very little buyers remorse if the reading isn’t great, if you’ve only paid 10 or 20 or 30 dollars.

2. They are instantly available. Many of the mediums that are found on our site, and on other sites around the web, have long waiting lists. Some do this to APPEAR busier, or more in demand than they are. (unfortunately, we see this often) But, a wait is a wait, and who wants to wait 3 months to speak to a psychic, whether you believe or you are merely curious but not convinced. (I don’t)

3. They are often as good as any other reading – full stop. The truth is, don’t discount a psychic service, or a psychic network, as being “less than” many popular mediums who have better name cache. Many mediums we’ve seen on other sites, who APPEAR “best of” – also work for the same services and phone networks, that they often disparage on their websites or blogs.

We’ve promoted psychic source, as a partner for many years across our platform of sites and communities – and have never had a serious complaint. On the other hand, we’ve had MANY bad reviews of psychics and mediums who are listed on our communities who are far more expensive, and advertise themselves as “certified”, “best of”, or “legitimate” by dint of some outside (for profit) directory or rating organization, who bestows that label on them for monetary gain.

The short answer is – a good reader is a good reader – and you can have amazing, enlightening experiences for $20 on a psychic service, as much as going to see a $200 psychic medium you found on Yelp.

4. They typically offer money back guarantees. Again, promoting psychic source and some other similar services, if anyone has a less than stellar experience, they will give you your money back.

That is rarely the case with many of the mediums we’ve worked with online or off – who typically won’t offer refunds, even if the session goes south, or there is no connection with the client. (this obviously is NOT a rule – and some do and will – but in our experience, and based on some of the emails we’ve gotten from members of the public, this is often a far less common benefit to speaking to a local reader of any type)

So there you have it! 4 reasons we love cheap readings, and recommend them often – EVEN whilst we are psychic snobs ourselves! 🙂

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