Quick Poll! We have a brand new “Conversations with Clairvoyants” spiritual series coming in August – we are calling this “mini morsels of magic, mystery & meaning” and we’re going to be asking many of the very best psychic mediums – and spiritual teachers across the web (and the world!) to share their favorite psychic or spiritual experiences in a few hundred words or less. But we also want to hear from YOU – your questions, your curiosities, your unique, amazing and inspiring encounters with the magic and mystery of the world unseen.

So for those of you who have always wanted to share your story with a large audience of spiritual seekers – this is your chance! (and we can’t wait to hear them!)

1. Should we record these (like a mini podcast of short stories) or would you rather read them. (or both?)
2.What kind of questions do YOU want us to ask?

To me?

There is nothing worse than hearing the “same old tired/trite/truisms” that may look good on a bumper sticker, or someone’s social media stream – but don’t actually reveal anything interesting – or deep – or worth knowing – about the REAL magic, mystery and meaning of the invisible world unseen…..and yet, always only a small shift in perspectiv away.
Those are the questions that I think most of us REALLY want to know.
So tell us your REAL spiritual questions, your conundrums, what bothers you – what confuses you – what you would really love to know – and we’ll find the people who have answers that will inspire us all ๐Ÿ™‚

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