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Best Michigan Mediums?

svgJuly 15, 2017Musingsangela

Who are the best psychic mediums in Michigan?

Michigan is another one of those areas that we don’t have a lot of folks to recommend to those who ask? Have you had a reading with a well known Michigan psychic or medium?

If so……let us know!

One of the more popular Michigan based mediums we get asked about is Lisa Bousson. While we don’t know her personally, she has a pretty active FB page, and does a lot of events both live, and online, and a number of our members (other mediums in our community) like her and recommend her as well.

Who do YOU recommend in Michigan or the surrounding area? Are there any spectacular psychic mediums we ought to know about, and include in our list? If so, tell about them on Facebook, via email, or in the community comments below. and as always, if you’ve had a reading with any of our mediums, good, bad or otherwise, we want to hear about them. (so that others can benefit from your experience, whether it was spectacular, or a spectacular let down – all voices matter to us)

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    Best Michigan Mediums?

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