Here is a really interesting interview with Suzanne Giesemann, a popular medium, author and spiritual teacher. We’ve had a lot of questions about Suzanne over the last few years, so it was nice to see her interviewed again.

A quick confession:

There are a few different people who write our articles for this site. Some organize the listings. A few others manage community and the content.

We have, across all of our spiritual stores, directories and communities, on the site management side of the street, mostly true believers, practicing mediums, spiritual life coaches….and then there is me 🙂

I’m skeptical. But open.

Many people find it ironic that one can be skeptical about most psychic mediums, and yet, help run a directory of psychics and mediums.

I don’t.

Actually, being a daily meditator for many years, I’ve had far too many amazing, interesting, and extraordinary experiences to count.

I also know how easy it is to want to fool ourselves, about our experiences, the nature of reality, and what is possible to know, while our eyes are closed or our minds are still.

I haven’t met Suzanne Giesemann, but it’s difficult not to like her listening to this interview with Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump. (the second one Suzanne has done on the show)

She has an infectious enthusiasm and radiates a goodness and generosity of spirit that feels contagious and up lifting.

The stories she tells about her experiences as an evidential medium, in this interview, are truly inspiring – and it’s hard to believe she is making them up. (she just seems too genuine)

This interview got better and better, and I’m glad I listened to the end.

Have you had an experience with Suzanne? Taken one of her classes? Had a reading? Share with us! Have you seen or heard of another medium we need to know about?

We’d love to hear about that too!

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