Looking for a local psychic? Trying to decide whether a psychic near you is worth seeing at all? Can you trust psychic reviews? And if not, WHY not?

Ifree psychic readingn this short article we’re going to take a quick and easy look at how to maximize your chances of getting an accurate, insightful, inspiring, entertaining and intuitive psychic or medium reading without getting scammed or sucked in by psychic scams.

Rule #1:  Have a budget and stick to it.  Any psychic or medium or spiritual “advisor” who has ambiguous pricing is one we’d recommend you avoid.  (unless they are highly recommended by a friend or family member)  Why?  Because the worst psychic scams, are those that happen in the moment, when you are feeling vulnerable to being “upsold” spiritual services you don’t want, didn’t ask for, and certainly don’t need.  I’ve had this happen to me on several occasions when testing mediums, and being able to write about it afterwards, and the “mediums” who thought it was okay to do, has been very gratifying to expose.

Seeing a psychic medium (or various mediums) after a major life loss is a really bad idea, too.  XOjane describes what happens when you become addicted to mediums here.

Also note:  The vast majority of psychic mediums who you’ll see on YELP, or on directories like ours, or who advertise online,or who appear at local events, are as a general rule – real, authentic and empathetic  service professionals.  They truly feel called to do this work. It doesn’t mean they are really gifted, or are really exceptional, but in our experience, the chances of being “scammed” or pressured is very low from the vast majority of professionals who truly want to help you heal. (especially if you do some due dillegence in advance.) I say this with a lot of experience, having talked to and “tested” many mediums for our own content and communities. While there have only been a HANDFUL of mediums I’ve thought were truly exceptional and noteworthy and would see again, the vast majority meant well, did their very best and truly tried to serve.

Rule #2:  Past is Prologue!  Solicit psychic medium reviews from people and heed them!  Yelp, for example, for all it’s shortcomings…..IS a good place to find a local psychic or medium, and it’s also a place where you can see the best, and worst in a very transparent way.  Does that mean that Yelp should be the only criteria you use?  Of course not!  But I’ve seen psychic mediums that we have listed on our own directory, with TERRIBLE ratings and reviews on Yelp, and have used this guidance to remove them from our own.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the more transparency and light that any of us are subject to, the more likely a full picture of our skills and abilities begins to emerge.

Rule #3:  Avoid hyperbolic claims.  Any psychic or medium that says “I’m 93% accurate” or some random arbitrary spiritual sounding silliness…..i’d avoid.

Any psychic who claims to be “the best in the world” or the “best in the state” or even more cringeworthy…..”#4 in the world” or some other odd claim, I’d also avoid like the plague.


Because there IS no way to rank a psychic or medium in this way, and no central body that does it.  Can you imagine going to see a local mechanic, and him telling you, “I’m the 9th best mechanic in the world?”  or…..going to a psychologist, and that psychologist telling you that they are “90% accurate in their advice?”  Of course not….and there is nothing more embarrassing than seeing a psychic or medium do the same.

Rule #4.  If a psychic claims to be “certified” ask by whom?  And by what measure?  Who certifies THEM to certify you?  The whole idea of “certified psychics” is a whole other conversation, but suffice it to say that there are only a few reputable places that certify psychics, and that’s only for research and scientific purposes.  (the Windbridge Institute being one, the “ForeverFamily Foundation” being the second, and they are a bit less rigorous, but both of these would be the only real certification worth noting to us, as of this writing)

Also remember that sites like “bestpsychicdirectory.com” run by Bob Olson CAN be helpful when looking for a psychic online, but he is running a profitable business, and many (if not all) of his featured psychics pay to be featured as such.

Why point that out? Because it matters!  (we do the same thing.  Most  of our “featured listings” are also paid for – but we won’t claim that a psychic is “the best” predicated on payment, which from what we understand, most psychic directories do seem to do, which is important to know from a consumer standpoint)

Rule #5:  Lastly, enjoy yourself!

Don’t obsess over finding a local psychic.  No one reading, by itself, is going to change your life.

Stick to l budget that you can afford, ask around, keep an open mind, but don’t let your brains fall out.  There ARE some amazing, inspiring and incredibly gifted mediums in every city and every state in the country.  I am passionate and excited about exploring the magic of mediumship and spiritual experience, while also staying a skeptic as well. I’ve met some incredible people doing this work, who have incredible gifts, and that makes this work an incredible gift to share. If you are on this path, so TOO will you!

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