Best Psychics in California?

Q:  Who are the best psychics in California?  If you had to pick just ONE medium in Los Angeles to get a reading from, who would it be?

A:  Ethan asked us this on Facebook earlier today, and it’s not all that uncommon of a question.  (although of course, the city, state or locality tends to change often, predicated on WHERE the person who is asking, is located 🙂

Here is the thing when it comes to ranking “the best of…” when it comes to psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, spiritual life coaches in los angeles, California overall, or ANY city and state in the Country.  (or in the world, for that matter)

It’s subjective.  There IS no definitive list of the best psychics or spiritual life coaches, or mediums, or otherwise.  Your personality, and your needs, and your specific resonance, unique intuition and and conscious connection to the spiritual professional is AS important, as their ability to help you get what you want or need.

This is much more applicable, in my view, to spiritual services than it may be to lawyers, accountants or other speciality services that one CAN often measure on the basis of “who is the best” in a profession in a given moment in time.

Okay, with that out of the way?  Let’s take a quick look at how to find the best psychic or medium in Los Angeles for ETHAN, and then I will make a recommendation for everyone as well.

1 – When searching for a local psychic, DO pay close attention to the quality of the results in the search engines.  For example, when Ethan sent us a link to the list of the best mediums in LA, it had several people on it that we have never heard of, which is totally okay and expected.  BUT, the person who “owns” the site that lists the top readers?  She had HERSELF as the first person as the “best psychic medium” in Los Angeles 🙂  Now that is totally kosher from a marketing and self promotion perspective, but it’s not going to give you the most “fair” assesement of who really is #1, right?

2 – Be very wary of words like “certified psychics” or “accredited” or “voted best” and phrases like that.  Why?  Because there is NO true way to certify a psychic or medium.  There ARE some credible places that do certify mediums  (the non profit Windbridge Institute in Arizona, for example – who study mediumship in a scientific way and are heavy hitters in the parapsychology world, and the ForeverFamily Foundation, who also certify mediums in a legit scientific way) – BUT, these are the exception and not the rule.  (and very few of the mediums who advertise themselves as “certified” are aware of, or belong to or have been certified by either of these organizations)

3 – Sites like Bob Olson’s psychic directory, which rank “the best psychics” also are fee based and charge money for “premium or featured” or best of listings, which automatically should discount the credibility that this sort of “award” should offer.  Do note that the famouspsychicmediums directory, which you are reading now, ALSO charges for premium or featured listings – so even when you browse OUR site for los angeles mediums, you should know that the “featured” profiles are generally fee based results.

4 – Lastly, remember that unless you NEED to see a psychic or medium in person, you aren’t confined to your geography – be it California, Colorado or Conneticut.  You can call a good medium anywhere in the world these days, so finding someone that is local to you, is ONLY important if you insist on getting the reading in person.

5 – As far as who we would recommend right now – in March of 2017, as the top medium in Los Angeles?

It’s subjective of course, but in terms of someone NOT all that well known, but really, really good, we’d recommend you check out Medium Fleur.  She’s not “famous” (like Tyler Henry, let’s say….the most FAMOUS los angeles medium at the moment 🙂 but she IS very well reviewed and received by many we know, and several close friends who live and work in Los Angeles have told me personal experiences with Fleur, and several others have been at her events and been really blown away by her evidential mediumship.

So that’s it from our side.  What about yours?  Who do YOU believe are the top psychics in Los Angeles?  Have you seen a medium in LA and been blown away?  Share with us on Facebook, or in the community comments below!




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