If you ask a lot of psychic mediums, or spiritual explorers, many will tell you that there are a lot of parallels between the dreaming state….and what happens after we die.

Many of you probably already know that what the Buddhists believe about the Bardo state, which is where the soul goes immediately after life, is often described in dream like language and metaphor. (actually, many buddhists believe that our entire lives are akin to a dream, and the REAL “reality” is what we see when we leave this world!)

There are many others who describe out of body experiences in a similar vein – that when we dream, we are experiencing the obe state, even if most of us don’t remember it.

Of course, most scientists will laugh at these descriptions, and call them spiritual silliness or new age nonsense.

Which is why TODAY’s article, from the Indpendent, packs such a punch.

Not only do these tests seem to confirm that brain activity goes on at least 10 minutes after death, the brain wave patterns measured by these “dead” patients, seem to match those that we identify as sleep state brain waves.

It’s all very cool stuff…and must more magic, meaning and mystery about this experience of being alive!

Check out the whole article after the short excerpt below.

Brain activity may continue for more than 10 minutes after the body appears to have died, according to a new study.

Canadian doctors in an intensive care unit appear to have observed a person’s brain continuing to work even after they were declared clinically dead.

In the case, doctors confirmed their patient was dead through a range of the normal observations, including the absence of a pulse and unreactive pupils. But tests showed that the patients’ brain appeared to keep working – experiencing the same kind of brain waves that are seen during deep sleep.


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