Q:  Is it safe to see a psychic in my area, or should I stick to phone readings with mediums I’ve spoken to in the past…..but who now live far away?

We’ve gotten a few questions this week about rating and reviewing local psychics, and whether or not a local tarot reader, psychic medium or spiritual teacher is “safe” to see.  Considering our directory is comprised mostly of local readers of one type or another (after all….ALL mediums are “local” to somewhere, even if they are very well known, they LIVE somewhere in a neighborhood of one type or another 🙂 we never hesitate to recommend that our audience check out folks where they specifically live.

Some do’s and don’ts for seeking out local spiritual advice?

Try to get some feedback from friends, family, FB, or anywhere that you trust.  While it’s rarely a problem to see someone new or that you’ve never heard of, like any other decision in life, a referral or recommendation is always best.

Always know your limits going in.  Never have a “flexible” budget for a reading, and always know what you will be paying before the reading starts.  (preferably, and usually, far before you show up in person)

If seeing a medium, get prepared ahead of time.  Who do you want to connect with?  What questions do you have?  What would you consider EVIDENCE that a medium is providing information they couldn’t know on their own?  (understanding what makes a reading “evidential” can be important to understand ahead of time, just to maintain your sense of integrity about your confidence in the reading later, especially when you tell friends and family about what happened, IF you are really impressed)

Have fun!  A good reading is supposed to be a good experience, and a good experience with a real psychic, medium or spiritual teacher should be healing, helpful and dare we say…..ENJOYABLE, too!

For some more advice on finding psychics near you?  Check out some additional resources around the web, below.

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