certiified psychicsWhat does it mean for a medium to be “certified”? Is there any authentic, genuine way for a psychic or medium to become certified by a real outside agency or body? An interesting program hosted by the Rhine Institute, with medium Laura Lynne Jackson on the state of “certification” in the mediumship world. Check the event link following the short post below.

Our thoughts? WE believe you ought to ask a lot of questions when a psychic or medium says they are certified – such as – “by whom” – and “who certifies THEM to certify YOU ?” 🙂

An interesting and important area for anyone interested in authentic mediumship ought to understand.

Have you seen a psychic or medium tell you that they are certified and simply assumed that meant they were good?  Think again!  Try asking a few more questions to drill down a bit and see:

1 – Who Certified Them

2 – What qualifications the certification entity or body HAS to certify (usually none as psychic/spiritual coaching or reading has no governing body or regulating agency)

3 – What the process of getting certified looks like.  (e.g. – a certain percentage of “hits” or evidential information from a reading, or how the process for ascertaining accuracy is/was done)

If these things feel like nitpicking to you – trust us, they’re NOT!

We’ve had mediums “apply” for membership to our communities who say things like – “I’m documented to be accurate 98% of the time, and the only occassions I’m “off” it’s usually because the client or caller or person being read has a blockage or energetic issue, etc”. 

This is of course, total B.S. in more ways than we can count, and totally discounts the credibility of the person making the claim.  In my view?  It does a disservice to sincere spiritual seekers, and the many gifted, genuine mediums and intuitive’s out there who truly believe we are doing work that is magical, meaningful and that matters.

Some good resources to check for psychic certification?   The Windbridge Institute is a reputable and reliable organization we’d certainly trust, as is the Forever Family Foundation in NY.  What are your thoughts on certified psychics or mediums?  Agree?  Disagree?  Share your thoughts in the community comments, or on our Facebook page below!

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Rhine event with Laura Lynn Jackson


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