Seeing a medium for the first time

Okay, so you are excited about exploring some of the many ideas we’ve discussed (and some of the techniques in the endnotes) but you want to talk to a medium as well, right?

There is nothing like instant gratification for some people, and the idea of waiting days, weeks or even months to learn how to communicate with spirit is exciting but off putting if you need advice or evidence right NOW.

I want to give you some simple advice if you’ve got plans to see a medium in the near future, or are considering making an appointment.

I know this is going to sound a bit harsh, but it amazes me how people seek out the advice of a medium and quite literally, ruin the reading before it even begins.

Let me explain how.
For example – take a look at THIS post on our psychic community.…
It is a simple post on information regarding contacting Theresa Caputo – the Long Island Medium.

A lot of our web traffic for this particular site was from people who were looking to speak to her privately, ESPECIALLY on the nights her show would air. (some nights we’d get thousands of people coming to OUR site to make an appointment with her, even though that’s NOT something we can help with at all)

Now, remember, we aren’t affiliated with Theresa. This site is just a social community for folks looking for more information about psychic and spiritual experiences, and reviews of some of the better mediums in the industry.
But what would happen, and this is somewhat heart wrenching to see, people would simply stop by the blog – see her picture, and simply assume that sharing ALL sorts of personal (and painful) information about their loves and losses was the best way to make an appointment or get the attention of this particular well known medium.

And herein lies the problem we see with so MANY people when they are seeking out spiritual advice in the first place.

They share WAY too much information up front. And that poisons the process, before the reading even begins.

Almost ALL of the comments we’ve gotten on that article and other blog posts – and in almost all of the many hundreds of direct emails we’ve received – people say WHO they’ve lost – HOW they’ve lost them – how LONG ago they crossed…and all of the reasons why it’s so important than they reconnect with them now.

The truth?
I get it.

People who are in pain.

And are reaching out to make an appointment with ANY medium, often want to tell the back story to create a better chance of getting a reply, and persuading the medium to meet their need. (especially if they perceive that medium is busy – or has a long waiting list – or may be too expensive and they want to make a persuasive case for why they should go to the front of the line)

This is a BIG mistake – on a number of levels.
First of all, NO good reading begins with the client sharing specific information about who they’ve lost, how they’ve lost them and when they crossed.

You are far better off, from an evidence standpoint – going to see a local medium who you tell NOTHING, and let them start from scratch, then seeing someone famous or well known and feeling the need, or having to reveal lots of details about who it is that you want to connect with upfront.

A good medium doesn’t WANT this – as it can interfere with elements of a genuine reading – and can poison the way that many authentic channelers, healers and spirit mediums need to work to do their BEST work.

And of course, a BAD medium – or a FAKE medium…..DOES want this, as the more information you offer up front, the less heavy lifting they’re going to need to have to do to impress you that they are authentic.

For example?

I had a friend in the industry tell me a few months ago that a well known medium, someone we both know and respect quite a bit, now has people fill out a little slip on their way into a large group session with the names of people they’d like to connect with if they’re called upon, while in an audience of several hundred.

The mediums reasons for this, and he’s only recently started doing this in the last few years, is that it helps him filter down the chorus of communicators from the other side to a more narrow channel.

Whether that’s true or not? don’t pretend to know.

What I DO know however, is it’s a TERRIBLE idea.

It gives me an unsettled feeling about his authenticity….EVEN as someone who knows this particular psychic professionally a little bit and have had positive experiences in a small group setting that have been quite impressive.

And I’m speaking as someone who would be considered 100% biased in his FAVOR.

Those that are skeptical, or cynical or think that all mediums are fake? Or that spirit communication in general is fraudulent?

They need only to hear something like this to CONVINCE them, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this type of mediumship is fake…and merely a circus sideshow that doesn’t deserve serious study.

The truth is, if you WERE one of those people called upon from the audience, and you DID have an amazing amount of evidential information come through, even if you truly believed that the medium couldn’t possibly have learned so much about you in a short time with the benefit of your name, and who you wanted to connect with, you’d never know for sure.

You’d be plagued with persistent doubts……and the truly life transforming effect of the experience would be dulled, dimmed and diminished as a result.

Rule #1 is Less is ALWAYS more.

Never share more than you must….and if you must share a lot to get the reading, choose another medium where you won’t.
Rule #2: If you are seeing a medium in person, become a blank slate.**

Dress casually, wear minimal jewelry or makeup, and if you are a BIG personality in dress, mannerism and charisma…..I like to recommend that people err on the side of toning down their persona in general as much as possible.

Rule #3: DO prepare yourself for the reading.

This means, writing down a list of questions in advance can be a very powerful and helpful aid. I can’t tell you how many times people will tell me that they WISH they asked that “one” BIG question that they really wanted to know….but forgot, or froze in the moment or simply were so overwhelmed by the reading, that they never got to ask.

Having a short list of questions can be the difference between really getting some much needed comfort, certainty and closure…and walking away with a positive experience, but not one that changes you, and your expectation (or evidence) for the afterlife, as much as you hope.

Rule #4: Ask for Evidence in Advance (From Spirit)**

One of the best ways to get validation from a medium is to ask for evidence in ADVANCE…..from the person, or persons you seek out in spirit. Ask for a sign. A smell. A symbol, signal or SYNCHRONICITY that validates their presence. Will it always come in the way that you want?

Of course not. The spirit world operates in ways that we simply can’t understand, predict or control….and more often than not, that one specific sign you ask for will not come through.

But I’ve seen countless cases, and have been witness to amazing, inspiring and totally transformative experiences when they DO. Strange synchronicities that are impossible to explain away. Super specific signs and symbols that a medium will inexplicably share….often out of left field, sometimes in mid sentence -seemingly befuddling THEM as to the significance of what was just said.

But when THAT happens – YOU know. And for you… can truly be the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime, and the sort of one off piece of instant evidence that validates and fuels your faith for the rest of this lifetime
More Resources:

Here are some of our favorite resources for those of you who are READY to dive in and experience some of this stuff and get personal PROOF all of this is possible…and available to YOU.

1 – Reach out to me directly! I don’t do “readings” but I do work with people who want to personally explore some of these amazing experiences on their own, as well as what I call “karmic clearing” and helping folks find their PASSION, purpose and personal power through spiritual growth.

2 – Feel free to contact ME directly. My email address is

If you are struggling with issues related to spiritual growth, discovering your purpose, or overcoming loss, I have very specific strategies that many find incredibly helpful, hopeful and healing, especially while dealing with a spiritual crisis. If I can’t work with you, I can probably point you to someone who can.

2 – http://ThePsychicJunkie.Com.

This is our weekly newsletter for psychic junkies who are addicted to spiritual growth! A great resource for those of you who want to connect with our community, attend events, get readings, improve your intuition, and transform your life in profound and personal ways.

4 – http://NDERF.ORG

A great and inspiring collection of many of the most inspiring Near Death Experience stories and Spiritually Transformative Experiences around the web, and the world. Very inspiring stuff!


HYPERLINK “…“>….”…


6 – Self Guided Afterlife Connections (Free Process)


Thank you SO much for reading these words.

I am honored, humbled and appreciative for the support of every single one of you.

Have questions? I’d love to hear them! Don’t hesitate to say HI!

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– Michael Martin

_“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”_

_- John Lennon_

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