An Interview with Pamela Cummins

BTR--230x230Welcome to a brand new edition of “Conversations with Clairvoyants”! Today we interview “The Musical Psychic”, Pamela Cummins. We hope you enjoy her unique perspective as much as we did.

You can learn more about Pamela on her website HERE, read her profile on the Famous Psychic Medium directory HERE, and learn more about her books and courses on love, intuition and psychic development, HERE!

Enjoy the interview….and if you have any questions for Pamela, reach out to her on Social Media at the links following her Q and A below!

Q: What has your experience been like doing this work, living this life and having an unusual calling?

This is an unusual calling? Giggle, it feels normal to me. Psychic work keeps me connected to God, my guides, and angels on a daily basis, which is a wonderful bonus. What an honor to pass on healing, information, and hope to my clients. I love watching people feel relieved and hopeful after a reading. The best experiences are when a client changes, grow, and enhance their lives from working with them.

How (and when) did you discover this path?

I have always had psychic gifts, but it wasn’t safe to express it, and buried my gifts. In 1989 I started my personal and spiritual growth journey, near the beginning of the journey I had PTSD dreams. A therapist helped me interpret those dreams, but had difficulty with me when I started to have psychic dreams. Luckily, I intuitively knew what they were and learned to trust the dreams for their guidance. My psychic gifts then began coming into my daily life. My psychic dreams were easier for me to trust than my waking abilities because of doubt, fear, and ego. I read any books I could get my hands on, took classes, and did a couple of one on one sessions that helped me to trust my gifts.

What challenges have you faced along the way?

One biggest challenge for me was coming out of “The Psychic Closet.” I always wanted to readings, however, I was afraid of what people would think of me. I did hypnosis, energy work, massage, and even matchmaking stint instead. What a relief it was to finally be doing what was truly in my heart!

Another big challenge was to believe that I could actually make money from doing readings on my own. It takes time to build up a clientele and not all my friends or family members were supportive during that time. I worked the minimum wage for psychic lines for a couple of years and finally integrated the higher paying lines. After a while I got tired of even working the higher paying lines. My new year’s resolution for 2015 was to only do readings for my own clients and no longer work on the psychic lines. Yay, I have kept that resolution!

What makes what you do different than others?

Each psychic has their unique personality and style. I was always been told that I have a therapeutic effect on people and my readings tend to have that quality. I have released a ton of issues and continue to work on my personal growth, which makes allows me to be a clearer channel for information to pass through. I personally and know clients that have gotten readings from psychics who have not worked on themselves; unfortunately their baggage interferes with the reading.

I have always been fascinated with relationships, especially love relationship, which is why I specialize in it. I had to do a lot of personal work in that area too and it was so worth it. This helps me to be compassionate yet very real in my relationship readings. My love of dreams and decades of experience with dream interpretation helped me to become an expert on interpreting dreams.

My clients call me “The Musical Psychic” because I often get their information in a form of a song lyric. I find that my guides often give information that best suits the client. For example, if someone is very visual, I will get a ton of visions. What I find very cool is when I get visions of seeing a scene of myself from the past to pass on to my clients. This scene from my life not only helps to get a point across, but allows them to know that others have experienced what they are going through.

Do you have to turn on (or shut off) to live a normal life outside of your work?

There are times I do have to shut off my gifts for my own peace of mind or safety. I have a strong gift of clairsentience which is very uncomfortable in a crowded place because of all the emotional energy from the people. The time when clairsentience is dangerous is driving a car! I can pick up people’s impatience, anger, or road rage which makes me nervous while driving. A couple of times I shouted to my angels and guides, “Turn it off so I don’t get in an accident.” Luckily, my guides and angels do this automatically now.

For our readers who would like to develop their OWN psychic or intuitive gifts……Do you have any favorite tips, exercises or recommendations that they can try or apply?

Psychic Wisdom on Love
Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships: Get it on Amazon here!

I mentioned earlier that it was easier for me to trust psychic information in my dreams than during my waking hours. I used to carry around a small notebook in my purse to write in whenever I thought I got a message, the method it came through (heard it, felt it, saw it, or just knew it), and the date and time. This way I would have physical proof that I really got a message instead of wondering if it really happened or depending on some else to remember it, who would usually tell me, “No, that it was all in your head.”

One day, I went for a walk in a park, as I was walking I heard, “Lorraine called,” and wrote it down in my notebook and put down the time. By the way, being in nature is a great place to get messages. I drove home and checked my answering machine. Lo and behold! There was a message from Lorraine on my answering machine a little before the time I wrote in my notebook. That experience was the start of really trusting the information I received.

In today’s world we no longer use answering machines and rarely use a small notebook. But you can use your laptop, tablet, or a smart phone to input the psychic message you received. You may think that you got a message that really was your rational mind. Please do not be discouraged because that is a good thing, it taught you to notice the difference between ego and intuition.

How do you describe your work to strangers? If you are at a party, or in a social situation where you don’t know anyone….how do you answer the “so……what do you do?” question?

I trust my intuition on how to explain what I do for a living, especially living in the Southern US Bible belt. I tell them that I am a coach that specializes in love, relationships, and self-growth, which is true I just leave out the psychic part. I love when I meet people who I can be open about my work, it is like coming home.

What is coming up for you in 2016? Any exciting projects in the works?

The project that I am really excited about is I am writing a book “Learn the Secret Language of Dreams” that will be on sale in August 2016 or sooner. You can pre-order the book through Smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo. I also have goals of doing more teaching, live or video series, perhaps both.

Do you have any books published? If so….where can we find them or learn more?

I have three books, Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships, “Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love,” and the free eBook Pamela’s Love Collection. You can find them on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and Smashwords. Although if you live outside of the US the free eBook is not available on Amazon, therefore use another distributor.

How can our readers connect with you?

You can follow me on Twitter @RevPamela, on Facebook Pamela Cummins Author, and pin with Pamela Cummins on Pinterest. To learn more and find all my social media and book links visit

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