Every year around this time (er…..Valentines Day, time…:-) we start to slowly but surely get the emails and FB messages from readers who are looking for true love.  As a matter of fact, in some way or another, while psychic medium readings are a traditionally a bit different than mediumistic ones, at their core…..ALL readings are really about love.  Whether that is looking for love in the hear and now in the romantic sense, or it’s looking to reconnect with a loved one who has crossed, at it’s core, spiritual services are always about love.

Valentines Day is the BIGGEST day of the year for relationship psychics, or any type of empathic coach or teacher who helps people find love.  There are all sorts of things to be careful of when seeking out relationship advice from even the most gifted empath, and in our view……you should ALWAYS trust your own intuition when it comes to making decisions about existing relationships especially.  (we’ve heard too many bad stories about people who broke up with a husband or boyfriend on the advice of a psychic seeing something that turned out NOT to be true, and sometimes it’s too late to fix broken trust after the fact)

That said, a good psychic reading for those of us seeking soulmates can be a fun, entertaining and incredibly inspiring and insightful way to find out what we TRULY want out of love and life, and to help us see what we often overlook.  There are often amazing opportunities right in front of our eyes, and a truly skilled intuitive, or a gifted tarot reader or an amazing empath can point out the obvious in ways that we may NEVER see on our own.  (i’ve had this happen in my own life on more than one occassion, and have seen it in the lives of others far too many times to count!)

So what are YOU looking for when it comes to a relationship reading?  Do you want confirmation that a current boyfriend, girlfriend, or lover is the ONE?  Are you simply seeking a soulmate or spiritual partner and exploring ALL of your options?  Or maybe you have a funny feeling about a particular person and want some validation that some else sees the same thing, before you take the plunge and express yourself?

No matter what your rationale, as long as you aren’t making a decision TOTALLY based on a psychic or intuitive’s input, a good reading can be clarifying, crystalizing, and a whole lot of fun as well!  Have you had a great experience with a psychic or love coach on your way to finding your soulmate?  Let us know on our Facebook page…..or in the community comments below!


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