Have you seen Theresa Caputo on tour? If so….what are your thoughts? We still get more questions about private appointments with Theresa Caputo over and above just about any other inquiry on our community, (more than many other popular readers combined!) and it always amazes me how the Long Island Medium remains as popular in 2016, as she was when the show first debuted on TV years ago.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that all reviews of her readings, or live events, are as exuberant as her fans would like. We had a small group from our community see her when she appeared in Orlando, Florida late last month (January 2016), and several of those who attended were underwhelmed with the experience. (and others claimed to be downright disappointed with her accuracy during the event and otherwise)

We will be writing a complete review of our experience with Theresa Caputo’s live event later in Feb, with several differing opinions on the experience, so check back for that as well.

The good news is, Theresa Caputo is in fact making many local stops throughout the country in 2016, and it will give you a first hand experience to make up your own mind about her true talents, rather than read about those of others. (and of course, do that on a bootstrap budget, rather than paying the very high fees to see her for a private reading, which most folks can’t easily afford)

Check out the Long Island Mediums event schedule here. Or, check out some of the various reviews of her past (and what to anticipate for future) appearances at the link below.

Theresa Caputo, the star of the TV show “Long Island Medium,” is coming to Billings¬†for a show in April.

Caputo’s TV show on TLC has aired for several years.

On the show, Caputo claims to communicate with dead people and tries to help loved ones by passing messages to and from them.

The TLC website says that Caputo is a “normal mom from Long Island, New York with two children and a loving husband,” but that she has “a very special gift… she talks to the dead.”

Despite her TV success and fame, critics and skeptics abound.


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