Q:  Is Lisa Williams a legitimate and authentic psychic medium?  Has she been caught cheating?  What do people say who have seen her in private readings, or in public events?

Everyday we get questions about various psychic mediums that are listed on our community.  The questions usually arrive via email, or on Facebook…….with various levels of curiosity and confrontation.

Someone inboxed on Facebook earlier today….. posted a link to THIS review of Lisa Williams earlier today and asked me to comment on it.

The truth is, there are MANY people out there who believe that all psychics and mediums, and quite frankly….anything spiritual at all, is complete new age nonsense and shouldn’t be believed by anyone with a brain.  Obviously, we disagree!

The people who attack spirituality in general usually do so by insulting both the person who offers answers as a charlatan or con artist, and the people who either listen, believe or keep an open mind about these topics, as gullible or naive.

Everyone has their own journey in life, and our beliefs and experiences are often rooted in prejudices and preferences that are far deeper rooted than even the smartest eyes can see.

The best way to get personal PROOF that a medium is real, or that psychic phenomena is an authentic thing, is to seek out the experiences for yourself, and make up your own mind.  (rather than read the very BEST reviews, or the most optimistic accounts…..OR, reading the hardest core skeptics, cynics and atheistic people with the largest megaphone)

We’ve heard nothing but great things about Lisa Williams as a spiritual teacher, and several of our own members have told us that her private classes have been invaluable in their own psychic development.  To us, any individual reader may nor may NOT be as good as advertised, nor as accurate as they try to portray.

That doesnt’ negate the incredible amount of personal proof and amazing  avalanche of evidence that teaches us….there is magic, and mystery in the world to those of us who seek it out, there ARE people who have extraordinary gifts that defy convention, and you CAN keep an open mind without letting your brains fall out as well!

What do you think?

Have you had  reading with Lisa Williams or any other well known psychic or medium listed on our community!  Let us know who YOU think is real, who is not, and what your experiences have been with any of our listings.  We publish ALL psychic reading reviews that are submitted by our public audience- good, bad or anywhere in between.


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