Death Bed Visions – Hospital Study on What the Dying Say (and See)

Here is an interesting article on death bed visions and what dying patients report before they cross.

The truth is, we’ve always said that some of the most compelling (and cool) accounts of “apparitions” and other paranormal experiences are reported by nurses, hospital workers and hospice care givers in particular.  This study, done by a Buffalo hospital…..offers a wide and wonderful window into what the dying see and say, in their last days or hours of life.

Check out the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below.

As an 88-year-old man lay dying, he dreamed of driving somewhere unknown and then heard his mother say, “It’s all right. You’re a good boy. I love you.”

A 54-year-old dying woman dreamed of a deceased childhood friend who had caused her great pain. The friend appeared as an old man and told her, “Sorry, you’re a good person” and “If you need help, just call my name.”

A dying 62-year-old woman reported comforting visions of a little girl dancing in her room.

These are just some of the dreams of the dying collected in a recent study in Buffalo, the first rigorous examination from dying patients’ perspectives.

As the end of life approaches, people experience dreams in which they see dead relatives waiting for them or describe preparing to take a trip. Deceased friends visit and tell them everything will be OK.

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