What are death bed visions? Are they fact…..fiction, fantasy or something somewhere in between?

The truth is, death bed visions are some of the most common and under-reported types of spiritual experiences that there are – with literally, MILLIONS of people reporting having some sort of experience like this every year. (according to some studies, about 50% of all nurses and hospice workers who deal with end of life patient care, openly report having had patients who report a death bed vision style experience in the last days of life)

Here is a good summation of some of the very common features of these spiritually tranformative experiences, as described in the famous book “At the Hour of Death” by Dr Karlis Osis.

  • Although some dying people report seeing angels and other religious figures (and sometimes even mythical figures), the vast majority claim to see familiar people who had previously passed away.
  • Very often, the friends and relatives seen in these visions express directly that they have come to help take them away.
  • The dying person is reassured by the experience and expresses great happiness with the vision. Contrast this with the confusion or fear that a non-dying person would experience at seeing a “ghost.” The dying also seem quite willing to go with these apparitions.
  • The dying person’s mood – even state of health – seems to change. During these visions, a once depressed or pain-riddled person is overcome with elation and momentarily relieved of pain… until death strikes.
  • These experiencers do not seem to be hallucinating or to be in an altered state of consciousness; rather, they appear to be quite aware of their real surroundings and conditions.
  • Whether or not the dying person believes in an afterlife is irrelevant; the experience and reactions are the same.


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