Q:  Are all mediums real?  Is it possible for a psychic or medium to only appear to be accurate, when in reality they are actually making it up?  What about mediums who are “on” SOME of the time, for some of the people….but for others, are guessing, reaching or merely cold reading the entire time?

A:  The truth is, we get a lot of questions about fake, fraudulent, impostor or merely BAD psychics or mediums.  Interestingly, many times someone thinks they’ve been ripped off, or taken advantage of by a psychic or spiritual coach that someone else thinks was spot on, or offered them a fantastically valuable experience.

Can those 2 things be reconciled?  Can a medium be both amazingly ON one day….and out and out OFF the next?

The answer is YES, and in our experience, just the way psychic or spiritual “abilities” manifest in the real world as well.

Here is a quick example:

I liken a really good medium to a really talented artist, or athlete, who has a specialty skill or unusual ability that often requires the right circumstances to thrive.

  1. I have seen amazing artists that create a masterpiece on a Monday…and then, for whatever reason, create a clunker or something absent any artistic value the next.
  2. We’ve all seen athletes have incredible, record setting performances one day, and literally look like world beating champions that can’t be stopped.  A few days or a week later (depending on the sport) they may not be able to do ANYTHING right, and you almost forget how much they shined in their previous performance.

That’s really how many psychics operate in my experience, and another reason why so many really gifted intuitives don’t do very well in “laboratory” conditions, as well.  If you took a world class artist or musician and put them in a laboratory where other people were going to rate and review every brush stroke or inspired musical note, most would NOT do as well as they perform in their “natural” environment, they are most comfortable, as well.

One of my favorite spiritual teachers and a gifted medium herself once told me that for a reading to be REALLY good, she needed 3 parties to do their part.

She needed to be on top of her game.
Her client or caller needed to be open, engaged and present.
And the loved one in “spirit” needed to show up as well, and do their piece, and play their part as well.

When those 3 factors came together……

The experiences were invariably life changing for the client, and for her as a reader as well.  (and probably really rewarding for those in spirit….who were able to get across a message of hope, health and healing to their loved ones on THIS side as well!)

What do YOU think?  Have you had an experience with a medium and aren’t sure how to process what came through?  Let us know in the community comments section below!

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