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Now Reading: Are You a Medium? The 5 Signs You Can Expect a Visit From the Other Side


Are You a Medium? The 5 Signs You Can Expect a Visit From the Other Side

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Who else would love to be able to communicate with spirits and other side?  Think you’ve got to be born with some sort of super duper psychic gift to be able to have extraordinary experiences with the wild, weird and wonderful world that awaits?

The truth is, one of the things that frustrates me more than anything is reading all of the new age nuttiness and spiritual silliness that surrounds the topic of spirit communication.

On one hand……you have psychic mediums who want to convince you that ONLY those born with very special gifts can communicate with spirit and that you need THEM to connect with your loved ones.

(or have any sort of extraordinary spiritual experience at all)

am i a mediumOn the other hand…..and maybe more dangerous and frustrating, are the psychic development “teachers” who want you to believe that any odd or unexpected experience is really a sign from spirit, or evidence of something extraordinary.

For example, I read an article earlier today where the “teacher”, who is signing up people for a psychic development course, told her readers that things like “not sleeping well” or having a fear of the dark or even hearing voices that you can’t explain is a sign that you are a medium.

Guess what?

The truth is, these are signs you are a HUMAN being…..with the same frailties, flaws and foibles as everyone else walking around the world around you.  (and if you are hearing voices you can’t explain, it could be a sign of something far more serious and something that any responsible advisor of ANY type would ask you to get checked out before moving on to the medium hypothesis)

That said, I DO believe that there are many powerful, profound and life changing experiences that you can have that DO in fact point to having a more direct pipeline to the world that awaits.

1 – Having had a near death experience.  There is something about having had an NDE that seems to open up survivors to a whole host of psychic abilities thereafter.  This has been documented in hundreds, if not thousands of cases….and there is even mention of it in the scientific literature with regard to the types of life changing after affects that NDE’ers seem to have thereafter.  While there are many different theories of WHY near death experiences seems to open folks up to an intuitive inner sense or expanded awareness after their ethereal adventure…..most people who have actually HAD the NDE will tell you it’s like they are bringing a little piece of that world back to this one, and that once you get a glimpse of the true bliss, beauty and “bigness” of the spiritual sea in which we all swim, it’s impossible to fully disconnect from that experience when you come back to our bodies.  (of course skeptics would disagree!)

2 – You embrace the magic and mystery of meditation.

The truth is, many exceptional spiritual transformative experiences happen through meditation, and this includes the feeling of “presence” that comes with many deep altered states.  There are also very specific types of meditations that seem to be really effective for bringing forth the spirits of the dead……including, in my own practice, a type of “metta” (loving kindness meditation) that works wonderfully well.  And while there isn’t a lot written about mainstream meditation practices in the Western world (like “mindfulness” for example, as it’s typically covered in the media) and it’s relationship to psychic and spiritual experiences, many of the mainstream Eastern meditative traditions that are the basis for this practice cover these abilities in great depth.

(and actually describe many of the different types of “siddhis” or spiritual superpowers, that advanced meditators can expect 🙂

Also note – Many trance mediums use meditation as a way to enter into an altered state where all sorts of amazing abilities and information seems to manifest – from channeled texts, to great art, to great intuitive insights and information that come from spirit as well.

3 – You are a more right brained person in work and at play. 

In other words, you are creative, dreamy and more connection oriented than practical, pragmatic and coldly analytical.  You value personal expression  and feel most alive when immersed in activities and experiences that are emotive and sensory.

In my own view, most psychic and spiritual experiences may emanate from a part of the brain being more “wired” into the invisible world around us all.

The differences between skeptics and believers MAY emanate from a combination of very different cognitive wiring…..and the an open mindedness to explore intuitive insights and information that those on the other side of the spiritual street block out.  (and maybe……..where most of the invisible world can be found! 🙂

4 – You are a dedicated dreamer.

The vast majority of my own spiritual experiences have taken place in dreams.  But not any dreams……but rather, crystal clear, hyper lucid and life changing dreams that are very different than the ordinary.  Many lucid dreamers, for example….will have what are called “dream visitation experiences” where a loved one will appear unexpectedly, and the nature of the dream is so vivid, that is stretches the word “dream” to it’s core.   Many millions of people have had ADC’s (after death communication) experiences with a loved one in what is called the “hypnagogic state” as well, which is that strange space between waking and sleeping that can be a treasure trove of rich adventures.  (especially if you learn how to fully embrace it as well)

5 – Lastly, if you’ve lost someone close to you, especially a spouse or a child, the chances are, you WILL have a visitation experience of some kind. 

While it’s certainly a community that NO parent would ever welcome, some surveys show that more than 3 out of 4 parents who lose a child will have at least one powerful and profound ADC experience thereafter, often with a visual component.  Other surveys show that about 50% of those who lose a spouse will have a similar experience, again….often having a visual basis that involves an apparitional visit or “full body” appearance.

There are many good books and interesting research on these and other types of after death communication, where ordinary people have extraordinary experiences with the other side…..without needing someone to tell them they are a “medium” first.  (“Hello from Heaven” is a great beginners book)

Being human is often more than enough….and simply being open to embracing the full depth and breadth about what this experience of aliveness entails.


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  • angela

    March 15, 2017 / at 5:59 pmsvgReply

    We’d love to hear from those of you who have the gift! Share some of your experiences with us on FB, or in the comments below!

    • Jessica D Irvin

      July 6, 2021 / at 4:59 amsvgReply

      So….I died when I was 4. I was tiny…a premature baby too. And I got hit by a speeding car as I crossed the street alone. It busted open my skull and my brain was showing. I was on life support for a long time after dying and being brought back and fighting to come back because I wanted to be with my mom. The Dr even told her I wouldn’t make it and to start planning my funeral. So I woke up idk how long after, under the sheet, in the dark, and I snatched the tubes out of my nose and throat. I remember the room was dark except the light above my head. A nurse looked scared when she slowly walked back in the room, brought in by the beeping of my monitors back on all of a sudden. She was horrified looking down at me and I just stayed back at her and cried “Where’s my mama?!” She changed after that. I’m not sure what she did exactly, but she has told me all my life she begged to take my place. And she did. But I came back different. I all of a sudden could read like I had learned in school (I’d never gone yet and my mother didn’t work with me), I was almost smarter and I knew I was different. I felt it. But it felt like I didn’t come back alone. Since then I’ve always felt others with me. And as far back as I can remember after that I have seen and heard spirits. Later as a teenager I begged them to go away. It’s not a fun or cute gift. It can be damn scary!!! But I’ve helped soooooo many people with it. And my mom finally paid in full a few years ago. I’ve seen her once since then. Just checking on me and my kids. But not only can I communicate with spirits, I have other gifts that I’m getting used to all the time. I’ve been called a necromancer…a portal..a beacon. Whatever you want to call it I do it

  • Karen Siraco

    March 10, 2016 / at 2:38 amsvgReply

    As a child i could see pwoples Auras. The catholic nuns rold me it was satan but i new it wasnt. People rhat i was close with when they would pass away came to my dreams and actually spoke with me. When my Mom passed away 5 urs ago came to my freams it was so comfortin f. However she doesn’t come anymore i miss her terrubly how can i get her to come again. I do understand that she has moved on in her spiritual journey but i deperately want to see her again. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to learn how fo be a mesium. I was told my Moms moghed had a goft also

  • Dinorah

    February 26, 2016 / at 2:52 pmsvgReply

    Ever since I was young I’ve had experiences with seeing certain things out of the ordinary.. I also see faces in most objects.. It’s weird… I don’t know why I can spot faces… My experiences have been negative and I want someone to please help me on how NOT to see them.. Always happens when I’m right about to go into deep sleep… I get the feeling I may be cursed…

  • Billie

    November 19, 2015 / at 8:52 pmsvgReply

    I am pretty sure I have some”abilities”. About 6 years ago, I was hospitalized near death. I was in ICU for 4 1/2 weeks. I don’t remember a lot of my stay. I do remember my brother( who had passed almost 2 years prior) coming to my bedside. He spoke to me. He told me he was there to check on me. That it wasn’t time for me to leave. Since then, I have experienced feelings of others around when I am the only one at home. I hear people whispering. I don’t fear it, and I would like to learn how to use my abilities better.

    • Lindsay

      February 28, 2019 / at 9:09 pmsvgReply

      Hey Billie,
      It’s almost like reading a page out of my own life.
      Me too, having being put in IICU, after a medical surgery gone bad, which is an extra Intensive, in front of the regular ICU.. I flatlined once and don’t remember two weeks of it.
      I know my brain prolly shut down due to the pain, but it’s wild what I do remember..
      And no, just like you, I hear the whispers..
      I can also sense when something is around me or more than often, when I can feel something sinister staring, I would love to email you..
      And maybe we can jump into this path together..
      Nobody has ever like speaking about my Empath ways and I have already naturally accepted I’m a witch.
      “This was accepted before the surgery”, but the visits, that’s new..
      And I’ve already started to process of coming into my ONE..
      Crystal work, Tarot… All my loves..
      Anyways, good luck and blessed be!!

  • Sheri

    September 25, 2015 / at 7:29 pmsvgReply

    Since, as far back as I can remember, I have visits from spirits. For 3 years, after the birth of my 2nd child, every night I would be awakened at 3:00am by a strange urge. An urge to check on my children, then to peer down the staircase. I saw a glowing figure (like headlights in dense fog) with the headlights glowing bright as if they were eyes. It persuaded me to follow, and I did, every time. It would only draw me into the living room and then disappear. I never could figure out why.
    After the birth of my youngest child, for approx 2 years, (until I moved) I had a young girl about age 8/9 that I would experience mostly in daylight hours. Actually physically moving things in my children’s bedrooms and see roaming across hall from room to room.
    After the death of my youngest child at age 7-1/2, he was severely disabled, he remained infantile his entire life. He never spoke other than baby babbling, never walked, and drank all nutrition from a bottle. But, after he passed, he came to me in a dream. He was wearing a blue sweatsuit, white tennis shoes, and it was like I was chasing him through a grassy field and he was giggling like crazy. He also sat at the foot of my bed, he never spoke, but I could hear what he was telling me. He was saying “it’s okay mom. I’m okay mom. I will always be there, just say my name.” I woke up in a frenzy. I wanted to hold him one more time, but he was gone.
    I don’t know how these encounters came to find me and I have never been afraid of them, but more drawn in by them. Do you have any idea why they might have appeared to me? Thank you for your help in understanding these visits.

  • sandra worley

    September 23, 2015 / at 7:39 pmsvgReply

    I would like to know if I am psychic.

  • Dawn

    May 29, 2015 / at 9:30 pmsvgReply

    Hello there Michael! I am looking forward to reading your book, all you have written resonates with me. I too have medium capabilities, have my entire life. For some reason a difficult pregnancy intensified by abilities. I to have always hidden my gifts from others, feelings of being thought a Charlton or a liar have always prevented me from being more public with my gifts. People closest to me that I know I can trust of course know the truth.
    I was raised Lutheran/Southern Babtist so I knew those religious choices where going to be a difficult path for someone like myself. I chose WICCA after a very tramitic situation in my church caused me to pull completley away as a result. To much to go into here. The question I would like to ask you is this: I have always been a completely open channel for those on the other side, I have had much contact with many. Why is it the person I hold dearest and have wanted to hear from the most, my paternal Grandmother whom raised me; why have I not seen, heard, experienced her presence since her death 14 years ago? Why do the gifts I possess seem to forsake me in this situation?
    Thank you for your thoughts and insight on this.

  • Laura

    April 8, 2015 / at 3:20 amsvgReply

    I have dreams, someone’s death in my dream indicates a new beginning. If I dream about a birth, there is a death. I lost my 16 year old grandson in 2012, it was a terrible tragedy. I dream about him. Only the dreams seem to be telling me something. I kept him at my home a lot. He used to knock on the wall or the window to try to make the dog bark. It still happens to this day, only late at night. It wakes me. I do believe they come to visit. I don’t think you have to be a medium to experience things like this.

    I have always been sensitive to things like this. My family thinks I’m nuts, my brother calls me a witch. I don’t believe this, but it is so hurtful to be excluded from my own family because of this gift. One night I was talking on the phone, it was long distance. I kept hearing a beep, like someone was trying to call. I ignored it. But it kept happening. Suddenly I felt someone tap the back of my arm. I turned around but no one was there. I suddenly had this feeling to answer the call trying to come through. So I did. It was my aunt calling to tell me my uncle had passed. I believe he was with me that night. But the night before I had a dream about a birth, I told my dad we were going to have a death in the family. He just looked at me and shook his head. I’m not sure why a birth means an ending, or a death means a beginning, but I have experienced this all my life.

    • angela

      April 8, 2015 / at 4:44 pmsvgReply

      Very interesting, Laura….so much for sharing your experiences, they are very powerful and definitely not as uncommon as your family may seem to think. There are millions of people who would love to have the same experiences, we really do believe it’s a gift……so embrace it!

  • Kim

    February 22, 2015 / at 2:06 amsvgReply

    I am a devoted Catholic and I believe either God or the Saints communicate with me but, I still feel lost at times. A lot of times I can think of something and within seconds to minutes it could happen. It concerns me sometimes. Other things that happen is I often dream or see my love ones that has passed; sometimes in dreams and sometimes when I open my eyes. Other things happen such my electronic stuff acts funny to get my attention. It’s just weird sometimes and I wish I had someone who understands and can give me feed back.

    • angela

      February 22, 2015 / at 5:09 amsvgReply

      Those are all very common experiences, Kim – precognition (seeing or feeling things before they happen) and weird electronic glitches are one of the most reported types of psychic/paranormal phenomena there is, so you are not alone 🙂 Seeing relatives who have passed on a regular basis IS a bit LESS common, but it’s something that many people experience as well, and many more, wish they could or would, so feel lucky and blessed that you are able to have that experience. (I don’t think spiritual experience of any kind is neccessarily related to religious conviction or belief – i’m not particularly religious, nor are many gifted mediums that I know, but if it helps you and is part of your background, it can be a great help as well!)

  • Trudy

    February 10, 2015 / at 1:36 amsvgReply

    since I lost my son my 5 year old granddaughter says she talks to her uncle at 1:00 am in the morning. She tells us she is haveing tea with him. Help me understand

  • Kelley

    January 24, 2015 / at 3:38 amsvgReply

    Thank you. I am so happy that I clicked on this link. Your last topic rings true with me. My youngest brother was killed in a terrible car accident a few years ago. Several nights later I was awakened by a frightening sensation that balls of lava dropped from the ceiling onto my forehead. It startled me and I jumped up from my sleep and the whole room lit up. Through the window I saw my brother sitting in his beloved Jeep. He flashed the headlights, backed up and drove off. I suddenly felt a sort of peace I had never experienced before. I remember my husband waking up and saying, “what the hell was that?” He denied seeing the bright light and it made me so frustrated. I was so certain my brother had come to say something. The feeling was just so powerful and spiritual, I was heartbroken to be told it was just a dream. Your article convinces me that this very important experience was in fact very real. So while it was a one time thing for me, it was a very special moment. Thank you for giving it back.

    • angela

      January 24, 2015 / at 4:02 pmsvgReply

      Thanks for sharing, Kelley! That is a great experience and one that not only offers hope and healing to you, but to all who will read it as well! 🙂

  • angela

    January 17, 2015 / at 5:30 pmsvgReply

    Hi Sheila –

    Thanks for the comment. But, I disagree with you completely about religion and mediumship – you are making a blanket statement that is simply untrue 🙂 While lots of religious people – and lots of religious texts and clergy may look at mediums (and spirit communication in general) as a taboo topic and one that invites “hellish” consequences, the truth is, there are many millions of people around the world who are both religious and who have had powerful and profound spiritual experiences like the ones we discuss here. (including many members of our own community)

    Personally, I’m not religious – but I find that sweeping comments like yours above (religion and mediums don’t mix) add more confusion to the conversation – rather than contributing depth and dimension and a higher level of understanding for smart folks who want to put their experiences and interests, into context.

    Plus – of course – much like the word “god” has many different meanings to many different people and can’t be claimed or owned by any of us – religion is the same thing. There are Buddhists sects who believe strongly in an afterlife and a panpoly of dieties and dimensions, and others who believe when you die, it’s lights out. There are Jews who believe that death is the end of existence, and others who believe it’s just the next leg of the journey.

    And like you mention – there are Church doctrines that frown on the afterlife and spirit communication, and many others that are less restrictive than what you mention above.

    The good news is – there are lots of smart people who are interested in both topics – and unless you are living in a hard core fundamentalist community that is intolerant of exploration – there is absolutely nothing incompatible about exploring each in your own way.

    • Mary

      December 8, 2015 / at 3:54 pmsvgReply

      I believe the good lord is who guides me daily. I have seen visions and communicated with the other side. It can be very confusing at times. But trust your instincts. I think if you have an open mind and heart anything is possible.

  • Sheila

    January 17, 2015 / at 1:15 pmsvgReply

    I have the “gifts” or abilities. I used to think I was going crazy until I became a paranormal investigator. I now have proof that I’m not crazy and my group members trust me and my abilities. We do have a member who is a complete skeptic and he can’t figure me out and on one case in particular I was given NO information what so ever and they made me write things down in a notebook. But upon arriving at the house I was able to write down information that even the skeptic wasn’t aware of and I had to make my findings open to the group members due to everyone being at risk for some bad ju-ju. All I can say is the skeptic is/was/ and to this day is blown away by what I can pick up on.

    I want to also add that religion and psychic mediums don’t mix. According to the church I’m going to hell and I delve in the tools of the devil.
    According to the church no human spirits cant come back to Earth and spirits or ghosts are all demonic.
    Just putting this out there because unfortunately Psychic Mediums get alot of negative attention from every direction.

    • Sheree

      February 6, 2015 / at 11:04 pmsvgReply

      Im with u. I have that sixth sense. I have seen 2 Angels im a total believer God does talk to me. I hear him Not all the time but its kind of neat to me. I just lost 2 immediate family members. My grand ma who passed over 30yrs ago told me she had one right beside her. She called them by a name that she only use to confirm. So its not your imagination

    • lori

      October 7, 2015 / at 1:30 amsvgReply

      I just became a paranormal investigator, I was told I should sit and write that comes to my hand. I have some abilities that I can smell things that are not around to others, like perfume, cigar, and have had wiskey. Ihave dreams that are signs so clear I have to call my kids cause it’s usually about them. Their father is always the one that I have in the dream. Amazing to be able to tell someone.

      • angela

        October 7, 2015 / at 2:15 amsvgReply

        Hi Lori – thanks for sharing! Is their father (in your dreams) still living?

  • angela

    January 12, 2015 / at 3:54 amsvgReply

    Thanks for sharing, Ashley – the funny thing is, so many people find sharing these sorts of experiences difficult because they don’t want to be laughed at, or labeled as strange or unbalanced, but literally…..millions of people have these experiences every year – maybe even 10’s of millions when you consider how many people are in different countries and cultures that we don’t hear from so regularly – or that have more liberal beliefs about “paranormal” phenomena than we do here in the West. (where sharing these sorts of things are usually met with scoffing skepticism or worse)

    Some people are just more predisposed to having these style experiences – and seem to be a conduit for all sorts of strange and unusual experiences and information and “openings that are hard to ignore – in they may be wired differently in ways we simply don’t yet understand – but once you have a personal experience that is 100% true for you, the world instantly becomes a much more mysterious, meaningful and magical place, and THAT should be embraced and celebrated and cultivated if you can.

    (there are also a lot of nutty people out there making all sorts of spiritual claims about this world and the next I wouldn’t trust with a 10 foot pole – in my mind – that is why it’s important to keep an open mind, but not let your brains fall out in the process and always seek out your own experiences as well)

  • ashley wiseman

    January 12, 2015 / at 3:35 amsvgReply

    interesting post. a friend told me to read because of my “issues” since early childhood. ive always sensed things. seen things, smells, ect. its hard to explain. have dreams that end up happening in real life. its scary for me i never understood. feel like im nuts at times. i tell noone except my best friend.

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