Welcome to another edition of Conversations with Clairvoyants, where we feature Q and A style interviews with some of our favorite psychics, mediums, healers, spiritual teachers and trainers working in the world today!

Today’s interview is with psychic medium & spiritual teacher, Lauren Bortolami.

I want to thank Lauren for not only taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions, but for providing so much extra depth and detail on her own evolution and experience as a medium as well.

Be sure to check out some of the amazing events and activities that Lauren is involved with around the web (and the world) and we hope you find her interview as interesting, informative and inspiring as I did.

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Lauren Bortolami Psychic Medium

Q1:   Can you describe your first psychic experience?  When did you first realize you had a “gift”?

My first psychic experience began around the age of two and a half years old after I developed permanent double vision due to bronchitis and coughing so hard that I lost the muscle in my left eye. I had to wear a patch on my right eye but when the patch came off at night for bedtime, I began seeing into two worlds simultaneously.  Not only could I see full figured spiritual forms, I also felt their presences.

I was both clairvoyant and clairsentient at that time.  As I got a little older and was in middle school I was able to read people and just know how things were going to turn out.  By the end of high school I had developed the ability to see, hear, sense, smell, taste, and know a spiritual presence as well as have precognitive visions and dreams that would turn out to be true.

Q2:  Do you remember when you first told your family or friends?  How did they react?  Has that changed over the years?

Yes, I recall telling my mother and father late at night when I was around two and half years old that “I see people in my bedroom and that something was in my closet”.   To this day I still remember walking down the stairwell with my tiny pajama feet to go to the living room to tell my parents what I saw and what I felt.  My mother just smiled, took my hand and said  “honey, it’s your imagination” and brought me back to bed, tucked me in, and kissed me good night.  I was terrified and I would close my eyes but still feel spiritual presences next to me. I woke up screaming many nights and told my parents that I was seeing things.  My sister Susan and I shared a room and I’m sure she didn’t sleep well most of our childhood.

My parents and sisters did not believe me and it was something we didn’t discuss as I was raised Catholic and it was a no-no to have a gift. I was the only one who had the abilities to connect to spirit and they thought I was making it up, which was very hard for me to deal with alone.   Some of my close friends realized something was happening. I would predict things or read people in school and it would be right. I really didn’t discuss it that much because then I would be labeled as weird in school and it was hard enough with my eyes as one of them was turned in until I was twelve and had my first eye surgery.   I was picked on from elementary school to middle school until my eyes were corrected cosmetically, but the double vision got worse.  I tried for the most part to live a normal life and ignore my abilities. I struggled in school due to my vision but was able to attend college, get married, and have a son in 1999.

I have been in the same job since 1990 working in administration and meeting planning.  I met my ex-husband at my job and began  telling him about some of my experiences and as a scientist he had a very hard time being me and told me not to talk about the “voodoo stuff”. That was until one day he saw the ghost with his own two eyes that I told lived with us and called a priest and a Medium.   The Medium came to our house first, checking the property and then walked right up to me and said “you know why they are here? and I just shook my head no and she said “because your a Medium and they want to talk to you”.

I was both relieved and terrified at the same time. The priest later came to our house and blessed it. There is so much to this story that will come out when I finish my book but from this point on, my family and my ex-husband started believing about my gifts and the other side.  A few years later my father had passed away and I was on a mission to learn more.  I filed for divorce in 2006 and when it was over I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2007 and opened a practice then called “The Reiki Shoppe” to help others with illness, pain, divorce, and loss  and began reading clients intuitively  during their Reiki treatments. My work was validated and I began taking training in Mediumship and again the information I was providing to the recipient was validated.  I always kept my faith as a Catholic and asked God many times if I am supposed to do this and the answer would always be “yes”.

I have since saved many people from suicide and divorce but could not save my own niece Kaylyn.  My niece Kaylyn was a bright and beautiful college student that had fallen into the wrong group of friends and began using drugs.  I told her during a healing and reading session that I saw the number 111 around her and that meant she could change her life.  A few months later she got into trouble and was sent to rehab and her room number was 111.   We kept seeing 111 together and I told her it was a sign from her angels to stay on her path to be strong and not become vulnerable.  Kaylyn didn’t listen and went out one night in June of 2012 to a party and never came home.  The day we got the phone call that Kaylyn died I was at my mothers and my mother began to scream and in my head I heard “auntie, it was an accident”.   Someone at the party shot Kaylyn up with heroin when she was already high on drugs and it was too much for her body.   I went to my sisters house to comfort her and be a tool to speak to her daughter if she needed it and I feel if I wasn’t able to do that my sister would not have made it.  I told my sister and husband the circumstances involving her daughters  death and other messages.

My sister went to other mediums as well and everything I had said was validated by people I had never met before.  I also helped some of Kaylyns friends and boyfriend during the service and later at my sisters house.   My mother started realizing that I was actually a Psychic Medium at that point and started reading up on it and watching television shows.

My sister Susan is a believer now and my reading her over the last few years has helped her to heal somewhat but the pain and hole in her heart will always be there. My sister Karen believes I have something but is a bit afraid of it.  But all and all my family finally knows and are proud of me for all those I have been able to help.

My friends accept my abilities now as well and have come to me for guidance in their lives at times. My boyfriend who is a firefighter also has seen my work as I have read or some of his friends and he has attended or listened to some of my Medium Shows.  I would say he’s one of my biggest supporters and believes in my work. But I do not talk about my work 24/7 to friends, family, and my boyfriend as it’s important to me to keep a balance in my life.

Q3:  Do you remember your first reading?  How did it happen…and what was it like?

My first reading is a little vague as I started reading in my practice in 2007 but I recall some of my first readings were spot on with those who needed healing from emotional pain. My clients came to me in my office “The Reiki Shoppe” for a session. I was able to get into what had happened to them and see their future to help them on their path to heal and save their marriages or move on from their life after losing a loved one.

I can recall one very touching  story that I can share. 

One woman had come into me for a Reiki and Spiritual Session several years ago as she was distraught and suicidal.I had received an email that she had lost her job, broke up with her boyfriend, didn’t know what to do, and wanted to end her life.  I offered for her to come in for a free healing session.When she got to my office I had her go on the Reiki table and began to work on her.

I did a clearing and began a Reiki Session while I talked to her and then I stopped and said “you are pregnant”.  The woman said yes. I then said “it’s a boy and he said please keep me, I will bring peace and stability to your life”. The woman began to cry profusely admitting she was going to abort the baby. I continued to read her about her life and the unborn child that was coming through.  At the end she told me she was contemplating keeping the child.  Over the next nine months she contacted me often and I read for her to keep her going throughout her pregnancy. I told the woman how her life would shift, the baby would have a brother, and that she would be happy and marry the father.   When the baby was born she wrote to me and told me that if I hadn’t seen her that day she would have aborted the baby or killed herself and that I changed her life forever. She now has another son, is engaged, and living with the father of her children.

I have had so many reading experiences to mention where I was able to read a persons life, past life, future, their unborn children, their angels, and loved ones on the other side.

Q4:   What is the biggest challenge about doing this work for you?

It’s a tough job and I feel many people don’t realize it.  Most Psychic Mediums are perceived as someone looking into a crystal ball or conjuring spirits at a séance or fakes.

Most people don’t know what we actually do or how emotionally draining it can be.  Every person I speak to on the phone or in person is different, their energy is different, and I have to protect myself and others from anything or anyone negative. I always start with a protective prayer and end with a blessing for every client.  I tell the truth and the truth can be hard for people to take but that is what I’m known and respected for. Even if it’s something that is difficult, I then guide them to help them through or make suggestions to help the outcome change.  Then I have very tragic situations I deal with people who lost their family members or friend to suicide, and overdose, or car accident with people whaling in my office saying they want their child back and the worst part of it is I feel their pain like I did when my sister lost her daughter.

I have to keep myself together to help my client while still protecting my own energy and from being drained.

Q5:  What is your favorite aspect of your work?

Knowing that I have truly helped people. I have two jobs. My day job that I am grateful for and then my practice at nights and weekends which is my slice of heaven.  I am drawn to my office now called “The Spiritual Path” and work when I need to be and when I’m called by spirit to do so.

One day I was told to go to my business over and over again even though I did not have an appointment that night.  I went to my business to find a boy sitting on a chair outside of my office. He had called me weeks before for help and he said he was depressed and suicidal.  I called him back and never heard from him again. When our eyes met I said are you Chris (changed name to protect identity) and he said “yes, I just asked God for you to come to your office”.   To me that was one of the most beautiful times in my work. I later asked the priest in my church if I was doing the right thing and he said “I cannot tell you all Mediums work for God, but you do”.

For me this is what I have to do for people and I know God put me through many personal tragedies to help others and even save myself too.

Q6:  Who are your typical clients?  What kinds of people typically come to you….and what is it that they come for?

I have read for VPs of casting agencies, surgeons, nurses, ballerinas, CEOs of companies, and film directors to paranormal investigators, stay at home moms, car detailers, construction workers,  and those who work for Dunkin Donuts.   It doesn’t matter who they are, they have a need to know about how their life is going to go, if they should invest money, buy a house, if they show leave their job, if their marriage will work out, or to want to talk to their angels or loved one on the other side through me.

Many of my clients are repeat clients who come in for a variety of reasons and sometimes change their reasons.  I read for them in person and over the phone and they often come back to get more information  as the previous information they received by me was validated.

Q7: Can you describe your favorite reading or client experience?  How about your most unusual or unexpected experience?

I have too many favorite reading experiences to mention but one of my favorite ones is currently on Famous Psychic Mediums under my reviews and thought it appropriate for Christmas.  To this day the woman still thanks me for giving her the last Christmas with her dying father.  I would also say this was unusual and unexpected as it was a true miracle.

” I Love Lauren! I first met Lauren when I took my daughter and five of her friends to her shop to celebrate my daughters “Halloween” birthday. What we expected was simply a fun and games kind of night, what we got was simply amazing!! We cried, we laughed, we were in awe that everyone of us were read with such detail and accuracy. None of us had ever laid eyes on her, yet she knew so much, too much! lol. We then attended classes with Lauren, where we learned she is also a great teacher and just an amazing, caring, thoughtful, down to earth person, that I know will be apart of my life forever.
My dad was sick when we first met, hospitalized and dying days before Christmas, I”ll never forget, she called me asking if she could to Reiki on him (from her home)…. my dad came home for Christmas, he then passed Dec. 29th but there is no doubt in my mind, Lauren gave me my last Christmas with my dad! <3 Forever grateful Claire”

Q8:  Is there anything about this work that people would find surprising or unexpected?   Tell us something that people wouldn’t expect about you….or your life  as a professional medium?

I have a full time job that I work in administration and meeting planning in the  science field and I have received over 17 over-achievement and special recognition awards with a disability with my eyes. I have a very balanced and “normal” life that I have fought hard for.  I work with scientists and researchers who would never believe in what I do as a Psychic Medium.   While some close administrative people I work with know about my practice and abilities, I have kept it secret for over 20 years from scientists I work closely with due to fear they would not believe what I do as there is no “evidence” .

However I am proud to be part of the Voices Across The Veil Project as an Endorsed Research Medium for aftertlifedata.com to someday prove to all those who don’t believe as well as the scientists I work with otherwise and there is proof.    I currently run biweekly world wide events for Voices Across The Veil for anyone to join in for a small fee to meet with me and get a reading or answer questions about psychic or medium experiences.

Q9:  We have a lot of “new” or amateur psychics/mediums/aspiring “light workers” who write in for advice.  What is the #1 thing you wish someone had told you about this work when you first got started….and the best piece of advice you can give others starting out…..right now?

That there is good and there is evil. Many Psychic Mediums don’t talk about the evil but you must be aware that is exists and is attracted to lower vibrations. If you do contact on our own make sure you say a protective prayer for yourself always bringing in the white light of God to protect yourself and aura.  If you are depressed, down, and sad, do not make a spiritual contact as a lower vibration could come in.    Always work with light, protect yourself with light, and you will be protected.  I have had some very bad experiences because no former teacher talked abut the bad. I had to figure it out on my own.  When I train people one on one I go through everything, connection and protection.  Know that your own spirit as well as those that are departed are always with you. Read up on the subject as much as you can.

Q10:  Who do you admire in this industry…and why?  Anyone you’d love to work with or meet?

John Edwards because he is one of the first people I watched on television years ago. I love his vibrational energy and he seems like a sweetheart and a very compassionate person. I know, wink, wink we would get along. How do I know? I’m a Psychic!

Q11:  What do you say to skeptics, cynics and those who criticize this work…and this field?

That I will turn them into a believer and I usually do.  Most of those who are skeptical are men and feel they will not be a real man if they have a reading. They will tell me their wife or girlfriend pushed them to have a reading.  At the end of the reading they are normally crying and I give them a hug.  Because they are men and not women, they do not go thorough the hormonal experiences and pregnancies as women do which makes women much more intuitive, and that is why they don’t get it or believe, even though every day both men and women use their natural abilities like intuition without even knowing it when they read someone in their job or follow a gut feeling and it’s right.  Men will say “oh what a coincidence” when a women will say “that’s a sign!”.

Q12:  Any advice for those out there thinking about getting their first reading…….but aren’t sure how to pick the “right” reader for them?

That they should feel drawn to their reader and then it will be the right choice. The way to know is to look at the photos of each reader on this site or other ones. Who do you feel connected to on a heart level. If you look at their picture you will feel the energy of the person and it will feel good or not good. If it feels good and warm to you, then that is your reader and you are allowing your own spirit and energy to feel that connection to a reader.

Q13:  How can people get in touch with you to schedule a session, or to learn more about you….and your work?

They may go to www.lauren-bortolami.com to see my work, testimonials and reviews, listen to radio shows I’ve been on,  see my resume and experience, and pricing for in person and long distance reading work.   They can also call 508-697-3113 to make an appointment through my secretarial service.

Q14:  Final thoughts?

Yes, never think anything is a coincidence as it isn’t. Spirit tells us every day what we need to do and follow that with your heart as it will never steer you wrong. if you are getting any negative thoughts in your mind or attacks on your body, go to a Reiki Master or a Priest to be cleared or blessed.   Only allow light from God in your life and in your heart and go back to prayer when in question when you feel lost or afraid. God will guide you.

Thank you for this opportunity.  Love and Light – Lauren Bortolami

Thanks so much to Lauren for such an insightful look into her life as a psychic medium. To learn more about Lauren and her events and services, please visit her website here, or connect with her on Facebook HERE!