Opening Heavens Door (Author Interview with Patricia Pearson)

Here is a great, down to earth but incredibly interesting interview with Patricia Pearson….author of “Opening Heaven’s Door” and Alex Tskaris of the Skeptiko podcast/radio show.

What is there to like about this short, 40 minute interview?  A lot 🙂

But, if you like smart conversations about spiritual experience that are a bit beyond some of the  usual new age nuttiness that can accompany the topic, you’ll appreciate how Ms. Pearson went from a skeptic to a “believer” based on her personal experiences, and the amazing syncronicities and sacred spiritual epiphanies that took place around the deaths of several members of her immediate family, over a very short period of time.

Really liked this, both the book…and the interview, and if you are looking for a little bit of Saturday spiritual inspiration, well worth checking out for sure 🙂

Enjoy, and you can read the whole thing, and download the audio at the link following the short excerpt below.


Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Patricia Pearson,  author of, Opening Heaven’s Door, Investigating Stories of Life, Death and What Comes After. During the interview Pearson discusses the willful ignorance of the science media:

Alex Tsakiris: … the reason there is so much research of near death experiences on cardiac arrest wards is  because we can control the medical conditions of the patients, but it doesn’t mean  that’s the only time when people experience [NDEs]. As you just mentioned, there are people who are in a plane crash, or who jumped off a bridge… they have no medical trauma… and yet experience this. Which interestingly, when you talk to some of these materialist, status-quo scientists, they somehow want to turn that into evidence against the near death experience, when really it just further deepens the medical mystery.

Patricia Pearson: Yeah. When I was researching my book, I was fascinated by how much sway Susan Blackmore managed to have arguing her dying brain hypothesis, when it is just so obvious so many people were not having physiologically dying brains… So it’s like a brand, it’s got brand recognition. And yet, it’s so easy to challenge.

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