Have you ever had someone you’ve loved and lost and wondered if they’re still anywhere around?  Or maybe you’ve been seeking out some sort of sign or symbol that you have a guardian angel, or a spirit guide who is steering you to make the RIGHT choices in difficult times?  Maybe you strongly feel the presence of a personal protector from above….or NEVER feel spiritually alone, but have a hard time communicating these experiences, or emotions, to others?

Regardless of what you may feel or find about guides, angels and spiritual beings of any type, the truth is…..10’s of millions of people have incredible, inspiring and enlightening experiences every year with what WE would call our angels, and if you’re reading this far, the chances are, so TOO have you YOU!

Of course, sometimes our guardian angels talk to us in the clearest language possible.  They actually APPEAR in front of us, or manifest in ways that our physical senses make eternally obvious.  For example, and ADC (after death communication) experience is one of the MOST common ways that ordinary people get a taste of the extraordinary guidance that those in spirit can offer.  Some studies show that more than 50% of all people will have an experience where someone they’ve loved and lost has appeared to them AFTER death, and offered up some sort of evidential, or inspiring evidence that they remain around, and that all is well.

So #1  is an ADC or visitation experience after death.  This is the MOST obvious of course, but unfortunately, for many reasons well outside this article, doesn’t happen to everyone, meaning you may need to use other senses to spot your angels and guides when they appear.

For example?

2 – Your own intuitive awareness.  The intuitive energy within ALL of us that alerts us to notice more than what we can physically see.  Soemthing that tells you that you are NOT alone, even when you can’t see someone else around.

3- Serendipity (Spiritual “coincidences” that stack up over a short period of time, especially around emotionally charged events that are special or significant to your loved one in spirit……OR, even to you alone)

4 – Changes in temperature or environment

There are all sorts of stereotypes about how angels, guides and spirits manifest and change the environment in which you are physically located.  Sudden changes in temperature are a very common one for a reason….they really DO happen quite frequently when anomalous energy is around.  (either a guide or an invisible energy from the spirit world that has manifested around you)

5 – Spiritual Smells and Odors

For example?  Your spirit guide may be your grandfather whose favorite tobacco or cigar smell appears in your home, even though YOU don’t smoke, and he’s been “gone” for a decade:-)  Similarly, in perfumes and other fragrances associated with loved ones who are long gone is an EXTREMELY common way that a spirit guide or “guardian angel” will let you know that they are there……and quite often, will be observed by many people at once.  (discounting the notion that it’s all in your head…or wishful thinking)

6 – An obvious energetic change in the environment

For lack of a better way of saying this with any sort of scientific support, spirits “vibrate” in a much more powerful way than we do.  This can be felt both in the room itself (in a way hat you’ve got to experience to believe) OR, even within your own body as well.  It’s not uncommon, for example, for someone to feel “electrified” in a good way, with a buzzing or a blissful feeling of being acutely ALIVE while in the presence of this sort of spiritual visitor.

I’ve had experiences where even skeptics, debunkers and complete spiritual cynics have left a room because the energy felt too great or overwhelming, and it’s almost always a beautiful and blissful feeling that you know in your bones was genuine.

7 – Lastly, electrical malfunctions and other sorts of odd anomalies in the room can be a strong sign that your angels or guides are trying to come through.  So too are pets that may suddenly act up, as they seem to have a spiritual radar that we simply don’t!

The key to all of this?

Open your mind and INVITE your guides into your life.

A good psychic, medium or emotional intuitive can not only help you connect with your guides for the FIRST time, they can help you see the signs that they’re THERE,  and of course……open all channels of communication so that they keep coming back!

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