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Now Reading: 5 Good Reasons You Need a Psychic


5 Good Reasons You Need a Psychic

svgJuly 21, 2014Musingsangela

Should I call a psychic?  Do I need spiritual advice BEFORE making a big decision?  Will a medium reading help me get over grief, or the loss of a loved one that is too hard to bear?  Can a tarot reading help me decide which potential path to pick or pursue when it comes to living a life of PASSION, purpose and POWER?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, if you are anything like the tens of thousands of people who will seek out psychic or spiritual advice this week, they probably do.  There are many good reasons that people use to “justify” seeking out intuitive advice, and we’re going to cover some of what I believe are the very BEST ones below!

Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

1 – Grief Relief:  A medium reading CAN be one of the absolute BEST ways to overcome the pain of losing a friend or family member….regardless of what you “believe” overall.  AS a matter of fact, some very recent scientific studies that the ONLY thing that helps some people who are “immobilized” by the loss of a loved one is an experience with a medium that leaves them convinced that their loved one lives on.  (interestingly, one of the other experiences which had a similar effect was having a personal communication experience with the person who died, either in a very vivid dream or visitation, or other profound after death communication)

2 – An alternative source or type of advice

So many of us turn to conventional sources for “help” making decisions these days, that tapping into someone who has a unique intuitive perspective can be enlightening, inspiring and really helpful!

3 – It’s a “cool” and interesting thing to do!

A genuine reading with a professional and well respected psychic, medium, clairvoyant, intuitive or spiritual life coach CAN often be a really interesting experience.  I’ve personally had hundreds of readings as a professional writer and explorer of psychic and spiritual experience, and some of my FAVORITE people, insights and inspired memories and moments of the last decade have been directly related to these extraordinary experiences that arise during readings.

4 – The FUN factor!

Let’s face it….doing anything unconventional that is a bit out of the daily norm is FUN!  So many people on every side of the spiritual “fence” are so worried about evidence for this…..or PROOF of that, that they forget how much fun the experience of peering into the future, or “unpacking” your past can really be.  (especially when that PAST pre dates your current lifetime!)  A good reading can be illuminating, inspiring and incredibly entertaining.  With so many low cost intuitive professionals now available online, locally or by phone, it’s a great and memorable way to spend 30 or 60 minutes on a Summer afternoon!

5 – Expanding your OWN intuitive ability

My own experiences with a psychic medium more than 10 years ago totally transformed my own sense of power and purpose and possibility.  In having a spontaneous spiritual experience during the reading……I discovered things about myself that I really already knew….but had buried deep in my own awareness. This new perspective about what life was supposed to be about, and what was actually possibly to pursue set me on a NEW path of power and possibility and one I NOW embrace every day.

Discovering that my own inner intuition was waiting to wake up was an incredibly powerful experience, and that there WAS a lot more to the universe and our lives than we ordinarily see and THIS totally transformed the direction of my life thereafter.  I’ve seen it happen again and again over the years, and it’s still the BIGGEST benefit to embracing the magic and the mystery of psychic experiences…and the same WILL be TRUE for YOU!

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    5 Good Reasons You Need a Psychic

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