What does death feel like? Is it scary? What does it feel like to cross over? Is it lights out……or lights ON? What do near death experiences teach us about death? For example…..Why do some people have incredible, inspiring and enlightening near death experiences….while others seem to report nothing at all?

There are lots of different ways to discover what it feels like to die…without of course, needing to rush into the experience yourself..:-) Well respected religious studies Professor and acclaimed author Stafford Betty’s new book on what happens after death, including different descriptions of what people report (through mediums) about what death “felt” like is fascintating to read, and describes some of the different experiences many of us can expect when it is our time. From a personal perspective, I believe firmly that the conciousness you cultivate in THIS life is the only thing you bring with you to the next….yet another reason to cultivate compassion, and connection and a spiritual sense of wakefulness NOW, that will help make your transition then a lot easier, and with a lot more “awareness” as well!

What do YOU believe? Check out some excerpts from the book below…including some interesting historical accounts of what people describe happening at the moment of death in famous tragedies – like the sinking of the Titanic.

A very different death scene awaited those who died on the Titanic in 1912. It was vividly described by one of the passengers who died, W. T. Stead. Stead had been a champion of Spiritualism and a medium in life, so he was well prepared for death. Here is his description:

The whole scene was indescribably pathetic [or sad]. Many knowing what had occurred, were in agony of doubt as to their people left behind and as to their own future state. What would it hold for them? Would they be taken to see Him [God]? What would their sentence be?

Others were almost mental wrecks. They knew nothing, they seemed to be uninterested in everything, their minds were paralyzed. A strange crew indeed, of human souls waiting their ratings in the new land.

A matter of a few minutes in time only, and here were hundreds of [spiritual] bodies carried through the air, alive; very much alive, some were. Many, realizing their death had come, were enraged at their own powerlessness to save their valuables. They fought to save what they had on earth prized so much.

The scene on the boat at the time of striking was not so pleasant, but it was as nothing to the scene among the poor souls newly thrust out of their bodies, all unwillingly. It was both heartbreaking and repellant. And thus we waited—waited until all were collected, until all was ready, and then we moved our scene to a different land.

A final death scene comes from Winifred Coombe Tennant, an upper–class Englishwoman communicating through the celebrated Irish medium Geraldine Cummins in 1958. Her passing was perhaps typical of what ours will be like.


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