talk to deadIf I had to distill the 3 greatest life lessons I’ve learned in my personal spiritual journey, they’d be really easy to list.

1 – “How people treat you is their karma.  How you respond is yours”.  

This simple quote from author and speaker Wayne Dyer is probably the one singular piece of spiritual wisdom I refer to most in my own daily life, and it reminds me that I always can control how I act in the world.

If someone treats you badly – that’s on them.  If you sink to their level to respond – that’s on you 🙂

2 – The power of perspectives and the KARMA of connection can transform ANY relationship for the better.

My own experiences with spirit have proven to me that this life is NOT the “real” prize.  This life – our daily lives… more like a movie or a play where we act out a script or role that is merely one small piece of our greater role in the universe.  Much the way we sometimes forget that an actor we see on TV or in the movies is NOT actually the character they are playing in the show, the same applies to you and I.  Your true and authentic self is MUCH bigger than the role you “play” everyday….and learning that there is much more to life than meets the eye can change your daily experience in amazing ways.

For example?  If you accept that you have a karmic connection to everyone and everything in your life, and that there is some sort of greater meaning, message and spiritual symbolism to all of your relationships, your awareness begins to expand.  If you understand that every conflict is an opportunity to grow and flow in the direction of your destiny, and every obstacle is an OPPORTUNITY to improve, everything changes.

You can look at EVERY “problem” with grace and gratitude.  That boss who treats you badly?  Maybe he or she is really here to TEACH you something, and you have both agreed to have this relationship in this life to evolve together.

Maybe you treated him or her badly in a previous incarnation and it’s now your time to experience the same emotions.

Or, maybe there is a really important spiritual life lesson you are here to learn and you NEED that sort of conflict or confrontation to get where you are supposed to go.

(in other words…..he or she is HELPING you evolve, not hindering you)

True spiritual growth recognizes this, understands that physical life is a contact sport, and appreciates every obstacle for what it is – an invitation to authentically grow.

3 – Having one foot in each “world” will set you free

Learning that you are bigger, bolder and more beautiful than your body in so many ways……will transform your life.

Being able to open a wide window into the wild, sometimes weird but always wonderful world that awaits us all means you will never fear death, never feel smaller than you should, and never waste your life with wants and wishes that are smaller and spiritually insignificant than those you deserve.

Having incredible encounters with spirit for more than a decade…and watching ordinary people have extraordinary experiences with all sorts of life changing spiritually transformative adventures has proven to me that true freedom IS possible in this lifetime for all of us.

(especially for those of us who know where to look..:-)

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